Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's Always Something

As many of you know, CM1 was accepted to the masters in computer science program to which he had applied. Thank you for all those congrats and well wishes. But as we always say.... there is always something....

CM1 and I called the adviser to find out what his next step happened to be and we found out that unbeknownst to us the program was on-line and the only sit-in classrooms are at another campus almost 1 and 1/2 hours away. So my first thought was, what about interactions? What about social networking? What if he had a question and needed to see a professor? How is a professor who has never met him going to give him a recommendation for a job when the program is all over? How is he going to join professional clubs and interact with his peers if he is sitting by himself all day with only me as company?

Now I do not mind my son's company. I crave it. But it is simply not healthy for a 22-year-old to sit all day, every day, with just his mommy for company. So I figured maybe he needs to get a  job or a volunteer opportunity. In fact a Facebook friend just commented that that is exactly what he should do. She even provided me with a volunteer idea.

Meanwhile I went on line and looked at the on-campus courses and their times. It turns out that all the graduate school courses are given at night, after 6 pm anyway. I am assuming that that is because the college figures that every grad student is actually working and attending school at the same time. It's also probably why a full-time schedule is considered only 3 courses and not 5 like in undergrad.

Once I realized the entire story about the program I calmed down...somewhat, well not entirely but I am getting better. Honestly, I suppose my own experience in grad school colored my perception of what would and would not be happening with CM1. (But it would also have been nice if someone had told us when we applied and when he went for a campus visit.) Having attended law school, you are required to be in your seat, take five classes (or more) a semester and they do happen to make it rather difficult for you to work if you attend a full-time program. So I was truly overwrought somewhat when I heard about how CM1's program was run. But I gave myself sometime to regroup and after a night of sleep and looking over the program I am much much much calmer.

Meanwhile simply because I was bothered by the on-line reality of this program, doesn't mean CM1 was upset at all. CM1 was actually overjoyed.  Class-time is very difficult for him because of the social aspect and I know there is some kind of relief in the back of his mind. Problem is, is that it's not necessarily good for him simply because it is easier for him. So we will see.

I am wondering how to get him to the actual other campus to see if he can join groups and meet some of his peers. So I have a new project and need to figure out issues. CM1 doesn't want to go because its in NYC and he hates NYC. It's too much for him. Too much sensory overload and just too much of too much. Heck NYC overwhelms the average person who is not used to it, never mind those with sensory and auditory issues. But I am determined to figure out a way to get him involved in that campus. Gonna think and bide my time and get hubby to brainstorm with me.

Also I asked the adviser how accommodations work on line and she had no idea. That is not a good sign either. But she is going to find out.

As I said at the's always something isn't it?