Monday, March 25, 2013

Apparently #SAHM Are Too Stupid to Apply for Credit

I have to tell you I am mortified, flabbergasted, feel like I am living in an alternate reality. I decided to get a 0% credit card to transfer my credit card balance and save money on interest as I pay down my debt. Good idea..right? Of course right. So I went to my bank, which is having a promotion, and they put through an application for me. Additionally I added that I basically wanted a balance transfer from one card to the next. No biggie...We have great credit at our bank. Just finished paying a loan we had taken out for medical expenses from years ago. Was never late. Never missed a payment. They absolutely love hubby and me...well it turns out they love, not so much.

Apparently Congress passed a law that states you can only apply for a credit card based on your income. You can no longer use "family income." The idea behind this thinking was that college students who were raking up tens of thousands in debt could no longer use their parents income to apply for a credit card. Hence putting themselves into excruciating debt that they could never repay and debt for which the banks have to take a huge loss. Now I don't know where anyone of you live but when I was in college I couldn't use income that I did not pay taxes on to apply for a credit card. I don't know how students can get away with using their parents income to apply for a credit card in the first place. OK sounds interesting...but that is not the point of this post, just the legislative intent behind the law.

The story continues: I had to call the main office of the bank to finish my credit card application. The man on the other end of the phone asked me what was my income. I replied that our family income was XXX. He said no they don't do family income since the 2009 law which outlaws it. I could only use my own income. I was dumbstruck...well not speechless per se but I had to regroup and try to assimilate what I had just heard. Needlesstosay, I did not handle that well and kinda, sorta began to yell.

Honestly, I wasn't really mad at him, I simply couldn't believe what i was hearing. I also wasn't sure that I hadn't been teleported backwards in time to when women were their husband's chattel and were not considered an equal partner in marriage. I figured next they were going to tell me that I had also lost the right to vote.

Here I am a respected member of my community being treated like I am an indolent child. Obviously according to Congress somehow I have no idea what my family finances happen to be, and am not capable of figuring out if we can afford a new credit card in the first place since I do not work outside the home. Apparently Congress doesn't think that "stay at home moms" know how to write checks, balance a check book or go to the grocery store without her husband tagging along or giving her an allowance as if she were 10. (It might have something to do with jealousy since we SAHMs balance our budgets yet Congress doesn't appear to have the intelligence to balance their budget) The reality happens to be that I cannot now get a credit card without my husband's permission. I cannot lease or buy a car without his permission. I cannot get an equity loan on my house without his permission. I cannot apply for any loans as an individual based upon family income. Yet I am singularly responsible for the taxes on that same "family income." In fact,  if my husband disappeared tomorrow with all our money, I would, according to the US government, still be responsible for any taxes owed on that disappeared income because as a "family" we earned it. And we in the USA complain because the Saudi's don't let women drive and electronically monitor their female family members whereabouts. Obviously we really aren't so much more advanced than those who shroud their daughters' faces or practice honor murders.

Sad thing is that there has been a recommendation for a fix in this law  (HERE) so that SAHM can continue to use "family income" to apply for a credit card but alas as per usual Congress has done nothing. I blame the women senators and congresswomen for lack of movement on this issue. I blame these so-called women's rights activists who  look down their noses at those of us who choose raising our children over any thing else. I blame these same female know-it-alls who scream and yell about federally funded abortions, birth control and Title 9, but for an issue that actually has an everyday effect on the average family and a women's right to chose her future, about this they do nothing.  The reality is, is that these female politicians and agenda-driven-harpies are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites, pandering to the common lowest politically correct denominator and ending up an embarrassment to their gender. Don't tell me that you care about equal rights for women yet deny equal rights to those of us who basically spend our days inservice to others.

Yeah I'm still mad. Really really really mad.