Friday, January 11, 2013

Dealing with the World's Propensity to Hate

One of the huge issues that really gets my dander up, is the absolute no holds barred level of hatred found on the internet. I understand that plenty of it may simply be put on in some respects..trolls thinking they are funny. However, after spending some time perusing the comment sections of some major national and international newspapers and webzines, its enough to make you think that almost everyone needs eons with a good therapist. The reality is that the internet is an open forum for those with exponentially bad karma. Now the unbelievably sad reality is that, more and more you are seeing that people are actually attaching their names to their hatred. The haters don't even try to hide their identities anymore. These individuals are truly proud of how they think and believe others should applaud them for it.

It's not just the age-old hatreds of antisemitism and racism that I am talking about. It is the absolute unadulterated way that pundits and politicos attack each other. The nasty name-calling, the ignorant innuendos and the depreciation of another person's humanity. Listen if you are arguing politics, alot of people are not going to agree with you. It doesn't make them racists, antisemites, homophobes or a misogynists. Now many who you do disagree with are evil, but the majority of people are simply descent people with an alternative view of how they look at the world. I have always told the boys that if you cannot argue with out calling names, you don't have a platform to stand on and your argument and policies are wrong. By the way, name-calling used to silence debate is also a form of bigotry, don't let anyone ever tell you any different.

Honestly, the name-calling is why I spend plenty of time on twitter unfollowing people withwhom I may have similar political leanings. I have no respect for anyone who has to resort to name-calling to get their point across and have no interest in what they have to say. It is not a sign of intelligence to act like a middle school bully no matter what side of the aisle you sit on; or what house you happen to be elected to; or what piece of land you think belongs to you; or what economic theory you believe works; or what political system you think is best.

The issue I have is how to help the boys deal with the world's nastiness. It is one thing to deal with the world when the world doesn't understand autism. It is quite another thing to deal with the world's  propensity to hate each other. I am not certain truly what to do, except teach them right from wrong, ethics and morals, good from bad, and the meaning of duty and honor. Sadly I am not so certain how many in today's world are actually taught these concepts and then once educated  are actually held to a descent standard.

Below are some past posts on the issue....You know how the world tells you that with little children you have little problems but with big children you have big problems. Guess what, its true. But you can't wait until they are big to start to tackle some of the issues that do come around when they are grown. Some problems are foreseeable and you have to work on them from birth,  otherwise your children will learn the wrong lessons....

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