Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tacos for Noah

I found this website in honor of Noah Pozner who was murdered last week in Newtown, CT.  Help make a virtual taco in honor of Noah. Tweet your concoction ..mine was a "Joy, Love, Compassion, Peace" taco....


Noah Pozner wanted to work at a taco factory when he grew up. Tacos were his favorite food, and no doubt he wanted to ensure that the world kept producing tacos. Help us create a virtual taco in his memory. Add your special ingredient below and tweet it. Voila! Tacos for Noah, all in memory of this very special Little Man!



In Memory of Noah Pozner and all 26 Sandy Hook Elementary Victims. 

Thank You Noah and Pozner family for a lifetime of inspiration.

We hope this 'comfort food' shows you, most importantly, that you are not alone.
Twitter: @TacosforNoah




Also there has been an announcement to refrain from giving money to any organization or fund that claims to be in honor of any of the children unless you verify it with the Newtown CT Police. Many of these websites are fraudulent and do not benefit the families of those murdered. Yes. Despicable.....