Monday, December 10, 2012

Lighting the Menorah

Tonight for Hanukkah we light candle number 3. Here's a video I found on another website HERE. It's a bunch of Yeshiva boys thinking they are rap music stars. Hey at last they try...Well you be the judge. I thought it was kinda cute.

By the way, I know that everyone is aware that the "beenie" on their heads is actually called a yarmulke (kippah in Hebrew) and is there to remind the wearer that God is above and all around. However, the item that most people do not know about is the little strings you see hanging from their clothing. These strings are part of what is called a talit kitan or little prayer shawl. It is worn under the clothes and it, like the larger talit, which is worn during synagogue prayers, is to remind the person of the 613 mitzvahs or commandments that Jews are required to live by daily. And you thought ten commandments was a pain in the tuchas...heh.

Anyway next time, you see some modern-orthodox-Jews (not Hasidim) in their black hats, black pants and white shirts, you might realize that simply because they live by ancient customs does not necessarily mean they live isolated from the real world. "Oy," you say, there is a difference between the branches of Judaism? Heck yeah. In fact in each branch their are branches within branches too. And you wondered why there are over 40 registered political parties in Israel.....

A primer on the branches of Judaism HERE .