Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bone Marrow Donor Collection

Today the boys swabbed their cheeks to become bone marrow donors. It is such an easy way to save a life. It takes all of five minutes. Don't you have 5 minutes to spare?

Even those with oral sensory issues can do this with no discomfort. My boys, who have issues with toothbrushes and food textures, were able to do it. They are all the proof you truly need.

Here are the kits:
4 Longstemmed cotton swabs
4 Computerized tags
Foam collection holder

Your child swallows to reduce any saliva in their mouths. Then they take the end of the swab, swipe it on the inside of one of  their cheeks for about ten seconds. They take the swab out of their mouths and wave it in the air to dry. You then put the computerized tag on the end of the swab and place it in the slit provided in the foam holder. Never touch the cotton tip with your hands. It will contaminate the sample.

Finally, take the folder with the cotton swabs, place it inside a stiff envelope, which you then place inside the already pre-addressed envelope.

The reality is that if you or your child are ever called to donate you will not know the person whose life you save. It is something completely and totally selfless. It's a terrific lesson in understanding what it means to be part of the wider community of human beings.

Gift of Life
Be the Match

It doesn't matter which organization you donate through, they share their databases.


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WOW oh works folks, it really works.