Monday, November 26, 2012

You Know You Are Right When.....You Piss Off Everyone

Well I was presented with some truly interesting paradigms these past few weeks. As I am certain that anyone who reads this blog knows I am not a democrat nor do I vote democrat (generally). This has tended to alienate me from quite a number of people who used to follow and interact with me on twitter and Facebook.

Truthfully, I figured if my political philosophy was too much for them to bare then in the end it was their loss and not mine. Honest open and heartfelt discussion is what democracy is all about. Seriously if you cannot defend your position with someone maybe you need to rethink that position afterall.

Then of course there was the few times that I have had "discussions" with extremist conservatives as well. As I have noted they can become as nasty and abusive as any hard-core extremist liberal. Read here if you don't believe me.

Honestly I am not that confrontational. Truly I am not. I have my opinions and my opinions are just as valid as anyone one else's. I used to think that to help others within the autism community you needed to shy away from politics. But yes I definitely changed my mind. That includes autism politics as well.

Listen when it comes to autism I do tell people if I think a therapy or a treatment is dangerous. I tell them what I have done to help my boys and try to relate it back to what I understand about their world. I never ever tell any parent to try something for their child that I have never done. Nor do I tell people it is OK to do whatever some expert tells you to simply because they call themselves an expert. I tell parents to think, analyze and reason everything through. Never jump. Never be that desperate. Your child's life depends on your ability to remain equalized and rational throughout the years of "fighting the good fight" the Brits learned so famously during the Nazi bombardments in World War Two ...Keep Calm and Carry Onhere, here, here, here, here, here

My recent problem, among many as we all know,  is that  I am tired of people who think they can decide what is right and wrong for others, especially when those people do not have any "skin in the game." How can you tell someone else they should send their children to war if your child is not one that will be sent off? How can you tell others to risk all that they have and everything that they have built to pursue a political agenda that will do nothing to your world if you are wrong? What am I talking about? I lost on-line friends last week because of my position on the Israeli-Hamas ceasefire (I am for it of course). Never actually saw the forced-alienation coming though. Shocked the hell out of me truly. Read here for my position.

I think what it comes down to is the idea that when you are not confronted by the exigences of war it is easy to tell others what to do. Just like when you are not confronted by the reality of autism it is so easy to tell others how to raise their children. If you or someone you love cannot be harmed by the decisions you advocate then you really should be quiet about the decisions that need to be made.

I have always been offended by the Jewish-left that tries to tell Israel what her security needs should be. If you are not Jewish it may be hard for you to understand just how the Jewish world works. We see ourselves as responsible for a universal community (Jew and gentile) as well as citizens of the nations of our births. Of course, being citizens of the greatest democracy in history does make it easy. No real balancing act is necessary for us.

If you sit happily here in safety in the United States the security needs or decision of another country are none of your business. This of course does not include the problems of civil rights, religious and gender issues in any nation. There are some universal truths when it comes to what Americans believe and I think it is just fine to try to teach the world about equality, liberty and freedom. As you can tell by my writings, I am also not someone who adheres to cultural relativism. No, not all cultures are equal and not all cultures deserve respect. Totalitarian, dictatorial, authoritarian, gender apartheid, racist, antisemitic cultures are not equal to the ideals of the American populii.

So I waded into a maelstrom last week when I accused the Jewish-right of hubris and hypocrisy, similar to the Jewish-left,  for pushing the ground invasion scenario. Not a one of them, that I interacted with, has a child in the Israeli army. Not a one of them faced the possibility of fighting a hand-to-hand battle, in the midsts of civilians with the entire world ready to target you for anything that may go wrong. And we all know, in war something is going to go terribly wrong, no matter how many precautions you take. It always does. Especially when your enemy hides behind children, in schools, sports auditoriums and in hospitals.  Peace in the Middle East

Its also why I don't say too much about how the war is being waged in Afghanistan either. Yes I am an American. Yes how the US is perceived internationally because of the things she does effects me in some way. But if I had a child there it would be my right to tell others what to do. But I do not.  I will not decide how a war on the ground needs to be fought so that  other people's most precious beings are put in harms way. OK, I do think that we should do everything possible to protect our service-personnel in a war zone no matter how it might hurt the native populations' feelings. Sorry our people do come first. But it is times like these that you need to trust those in charge. The generals and sadly yes even the politicians, no matter how incompetent you think they might be.

So I called out some on-line former friends for their dare I say, obnoxiousness. Well, did they get all offended. I basically told them to stop whining. The decision wasn't theirs and they had no right to put other people's children in harms way. So no, no more tweets and no more Facebook follows. Honestly I never did understand it. The need for human beings to decide that it is simply OK to let someone else's child die for your ideals but not to put your own child at risk.

Before you ask, no, I do not think the situation between Israel and Hamas is simple. It is not easy. It has been anything but resolved. Yes in the end this ceasefire may have just made the situation worse. But it is not my decision to make. For whatever reason the government of Israel made the decision it did, it is up to them and if their people do not like it, then they can be voted out of office. Just like we in the USA have the right to vote our representatives out of office if we don't like their decisions.

So I have found myself  in twitter politics, in much the same position that I find myself in the autism community. Basically I have pissed off everyone. I think that means I probably am on the right track. Listen not everything is a compromise in life. There are rights and wrongs and the proper way to accomplish any goal. But when lives hang in the balance it is so very important not to decide someone else's future unless you are living the situation yourself and your decision has a direct effect on those that you love and are willing to sacrifice them for your ideals.

Rant done know.

Until next time,


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