Thursday, November 8, 2012

With Holiday Season Approaching Give A Gift that Saves a Life

Chicago-based product and branding firm Mirza Minds is looking to put an end to such atrocities as world hunger, breast cancer and AIDS – while also bringing water to rural communities in Rwanda, raising awareness about the environment and providing mammograms to women in need. The project, dubbed the 1:Face Watch, sells colorful timepieces with universal colors and in turn donates profits to reputable organizations like One Day’s Wages, Charity Water and the American Cancer Society. For example, when you buy a white watch, One Day’s Wages provides food supplements to 16 children in the Horn of Africa. Each battery-powered and waterproof watch is $40 USD and supports one cause. In speaking about the project, Creative Director Fam Mirza commented, “Change originates from within. That is why the face of the watch is designed as a mirror. When you check the time, you see your reflection looking back within you.” 

h/t Hypebeast 



Think about it. At some point in their adolescence a child needs a watch. Buy one that is not only indestructible ( I hope) but one that teaches an even bigger lesson than telling time....That on the planet Earth we are all responsible for each other, no matter where that person lives.

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