Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Basic Disaster Survival Needs From the Jewish Indiana Jones

No, I still do not have power. Since I am driving the boys back and forth to their college because even the bus company has no power,  I am piggy backing on the school wifi to bring you this update. It's cold, its wet and the earliest they say we will have power is this weekend. We are all very cranky. The boys are studying by flashlight and still having to get their assignments in on time and take tests. Watching them study I am reminded of Abe Lincoln who studied by candle light.  Poor guys. But they are troopers. Let me tell you. Personally I am tired of living this semi-19th century pioneer woman life and an looking forward to rejoining the 21st century.

I want to take this moment however, to remind everyone about some supplies you should always have in your home. No one is immune from mother nature and its best to be prepared for the physcial issues. The issues you will have to deal with due to your child's autism will definitely be made easier if you have the necessary day to day supplies ready.

Luckily I am married to hubby who is not only a Wise Old Sage, as CM1 likes to refer to him, but he is without a doubt, the Jewish version of Indiana Jones. We have also referred to him as Post-Apocalyptic-Dadiyio in snowicanes and hurricane Irenes past. Yeah I know, there is that kibbutz thing and preparedness in Israel to point to for rugged Jewish individualism, but being full fledged indulged Americans the closest I truly ever got to camping was sleeping in my girl scout leaders den as our camp out and hotel vacations. Roughing it is staying at my parents instead of having room service on vacation. (Yes we are spoiled and we are proud of it.)

Anyway here is some pictures of what is needed and how we functioned:

My Jewish Indiana Jones cutting wood for the fireplace.
Battery operated radio. It is good to know what is gong on in the world. remember no electric means no TV, no wifi, and computer.

For warm weather disasters, battery operated fans.

Food stores including extra paper goods, dog food and if you need diapers and baby formula. Remember in an emergency drug stores will not be opened.

Dehydrated food bought from a reputable on line website. They have everything, main meals, veggies, breakfast, snacks and desserts. That is for when the supermarkets are closed or there cannot be food deliveries or you do not have a generator (see below)or there is no gas to run the generator. That was a fear here. If there is no electricity to pump the gas you can't get gas no matter how much is available. Also they can't get it to you from the transfer stations. So if you hear of a coming storm, fill your gas tanks in the car and for the generators.
Camping stove for cooking dinner. Yes you can use your propane grill too but its not bad to have both on hand. I made steak and eggs and pasta. the pasta didn't come out so good but I tried. They also have camping coffee pots for the stove but if you have a generator you can hook up a microwave and boil water or even the coffee pot. If you can use your microwave getting frozen food into the hooked up fridge is good or if you have dry ice from the electric company to store some food in those huge camping food carriers.

This is a jump-battery for the car. Just in case your car battery dies. My Jewish Indiana Jones bought it for my car after i need a jump at the boys school. Luckily the security guard had one of these in his vehicle. It can also be used to power cell phones and laptops if need be until the battery looses its charge.

Chainsaw and gas, oil. You are going to need to get rid of all those tress that have fallen in your yard and on the wires so the electric company can get to the lines. Also its good to use to cut the wood up to use for the fireplace.

Huge floodlights and flashlights. You forget how really dark it is when there is absolutely no power at all. You should also have camping lights and snap-chemical lights to help light up a room.

Old fashioned corded phone. The one you used as a kid. The land lines still work and these phones do not need electric to work.

This is our computer back-up battery. It can last for several hours after the blackout, It will allow you to shut down your computer without losing any work and frying your PC with an electrical surge. Also if you have a generator you can hook this up to the generator and keep recharging it so you can repower up all the cell phones, laptops and kindles.

Extension chords...at least ten, very long extension chords. Use this to hook up the generator, which has to stay very from from the house because of CO2, to the fridge, microwave and backup batteries.

Propane for the grill.

Yep more paper products. Running our to paper towels is none thing. Running out of toilet paper is another.

Paper goods. Unless you want to continuously boil water to clean all the silverware, have paper andplastic on hand.

GENERATOR. This is a 7500 watt generator. We just learned that we can have a transfer switch installed near the fuse box and this way we wouldn't have to use the extension chords and can switch appliances including the dishwasher on and off. We are gong to have it installed when they become available. My neighbor even has her washing machine hooked up. Yes we already made a pit stop to target to get some more clean clothes and towels. Honestly the boys needed some new items anyway. Remember if no electric, even the laundromat won't work. Then do you really want to spend all day washing clothes in a laundromat? Not me..sorry enough already. I will wait for my machines to come back on line.

VERY IMPORTANT WINE......it is so cold I don't need to put the white wine in the fridge to chill it.

And if all else fails MARGARITAS.
We also have camping showers. They are supposed to be heated by sunlight. You  hang them from a tree and wash yourself. We attached it to the showerhead of the shower and heated the water  separately in the microwave to turn it into a shower. It is time consuming but its much better than a freezing cold shower.

I had the boys help last Sunday clean the house. I swept and mopped the floors. CM1 dusted everything he could and CM2 used clorox wipes to clean the bathrooms. Remember to use Lysol spray on the bathroom everyday. Germs are nasty and it is easy to get sick under these circumstances.

We are all sleeping in the livingroom with the fireplace to stay warm at night. Family togetherness is getting a new meaning. I am beginning to feel like I live in a one room log cabin.

By the way if anyone can think of anything we may have forgotten please let me know. Leave a comment. We tried to figure out how we could have been better prepared and besides the transfer switch we couldn't come up with anything.

Oh and tomorrow we are getting a Nor'easter. There will be some snow at night.

I am not happy.

Until next time,