Thursday, October 25, 2012

The "RWord" Rears Its Ugly Head-Hypocrisy Abounds

Well yes, Ann Coulter did it once again. She used the "RWord" to describe members of the political left. I mentioned her nastiness in an earlier post. HERE  And yes I even derided a popular conservative talk show host whom I liked, Dennis Prager, for supporting her. He was listing people to follow on twitter and her name was included. I tweeted him. Received no answer but at least I didn't remain silent.

I also refuse to watch Sean Hannity or any other television personality who does not call her out on her nastiness. In fact, I do the same with those that have racists and antisemites on their show. It's why I do not watch MSNBC because of Al Sharpton  (HERE) and went after those who had Pat Buchanan on their program as well.

What annoys me however, is not how quick the autism and special needs community attacked Coulter for her ignorance, but the fact that they remain quiet when anyone on the Left derides or bullies a republican or conservative, especially a woman. Where were these holier-than-thou special needs advocates when conservative women are called "c***ts" "bitches" "whores" or any number of repulsive names? Where were they during the VP debate and even during this entire political season? Were they hiding under a rock somewhere?

No one used the "RWord" so it doesn't affect your special needs child, you respond? Everything is connected. Attitudes are connected.  Nothing happens in a vacuum. Bullying is bullying. Name calling is name calling.

What galls me is that people do not see that their actions, or lack thereof, as part and parcel of the problem. If you do not want your child derided and bullied then do not remain quiet when the bully is using a different vernacular than the "RWord." Do not remain silent when those on the other side are maligned. Was it OK for Stacy Dash to be called vile names and even threatened with rape for voting for Romney? Where was your voice then?

Personally I despise hypocrisy. I do my best to avoid it. I cannot say I am perfect at it but at least I try. Now tell me what is your excuse for remaining quiet? Are you too parochial to see that your general silence is part of the bullying problem?

UPDATE: Interesting turn of events. Apparently a popular liberal radio talk show host working for Salem Radio Network,  wrote this on twitter:


So tell me where is the outrage from the special needs community now?

Elise Ronan