Monday, October 15, 2012

Latest Thoughts on Bullying and Hypocrisy

I have received not ONE comment nor email in response to my last post about the bullying during the VP debate. That the adults in the room cannot be bothered to see the direct correlation between their actions, how that bullying-adult is lauded, and the fact that children will act out in the same way towards others, is surreal to me. It's as if others live in an alternate universe where adult actions (or inactions), discourse and society have no lasting effect upon their children.

You all cry for Amanda Todd and the other children who have been bullied to death, but not a one of you stand up to the adults around you and call them out for their actions. You think that somehow your "political agenda" makes you immune to charges of hate. You think that your "political agenda" makes you so much better than someone else, that you are not subject to the rules of descent behavior. Well it doesn't. You think your "political agenda" somehow makes you Christ-like so you can be as big an asshat as you want.  Well it doesn't. Not certain how those two concepts go together either, but maybe being Jewish  I'm missing something, but somehow really didn't think Jesus supported demeaning others no matter what your cause or purpose...just saying, not entirely certain I'm right but that is my general impression.

Honestly, I think not standing up to bullies, especially powerful bullies, makes you a sad human being. I think if you are the "powerful bully" your actions make you evil no matter what you tell yourself. In fact the lack of long-rang-compassion simply makes individuals  a reflection of the sickness in our culture.

I have worked for decades to make this world better for my autistic children and by extension others. I have given my time and effort to organizations and support groups to help others. But sadly no more. I have no more use for any of the autism and anti-bullying organizations and their hypocrisy. I have no more use for the self-righteous holier-than-thou members of a self-declared group that somehow cannot see beyond their own political agenda (whatever that may be) and call out hate and abuse for what it is...hate and abuse.

I have news for everyone who stayed silent about last weeks debate, next time your child is harassed, maligned, attacked, belittled, laughed at, beaten up and bullied you have no one to blame but yourselves. Your child can thank you for the abuse they will suffer at the hands of their peers.

Shame on you all.


UPDATE: I just received a comment on the previous blog...