Thursday, September 20, 2012

UPDATE on the Law School Entrance Exam and Accommodations

We have had an on-going saga with the law school admission council as far as CM1's accommodations for the LSAT. Happily he were granted the accommodations that we asked for and honestly some we never even requested. We did request the testing center not five minutes from our house however. When CM1 was to take the test originally there didn't seem to be any problem with placement at this close site. In fact if he hadn't had a mess up with his credits (yeah my bad) and need some extra time to graduate he would have taken the LSAT last year. So the notion that they couldn't accommodate him at the "5 minute from our house testing center" never even came to mind, until today.

Last time I checked his account, which was last week, there didn't seem to be any site issue. Now we get in the mail a revamped ticket showing that they placed him at a center over an hour away from home. And of course the date for changing or challenging the test center passed before they sent him the new ticket. How convenient for them. When I called the LSAC they told me it is because the site we requested couldn't accommodated his bogus is that. They put him at the closest site that matches his needs they said. I told them sending him to site over an hour away from his home is not matching anything but adding to his issues. By adding to his issues it was a violation of his civil rights. There is no access when you find a way to make it impossible for a person to employ their accommodations.

How interesting that they were so happy to provide him with the accommodations, no one could really figure out why it was basically so easy for CM1 to get the accommodations. Lo and behold they decided to actually make it too difficult for him to take the test. The exam starts at 8:30 in the morning. That means if he were to go he would have to leave the house no later than 7 am. Make his way to a university that he has never been to and sit in a totally unfamiliar environment to take this exam.  Which by the way with the extended time would be a six hour exam. Can you imagine how tired and anxious he would be even before the start of the test.

It's not bad enough that if you do use accommodations they flag your test for the law schools and do not count your score in the percentages. In other words you have no official ranking to provide the law schools. In effect you are already taking the exam as a nonperson. So on top of this insult they turn you into a nonperson with no hope of realizing a descent score.

Funny when I called the law schools to find out about this discriminatory practice of flagging they told me that the LSAC organization required it. The LSAC organization told me that the law schools/American Bar Association required the flagging. Nothing like passing the buck..and you thought politicians flung around bullshit.

Yes, in the end he cannot take the exam so far away. Not sure it matters anyway. With the lack of law jobs and the entire industry changing CM1 is probably better off anyway. Hubby has said that for along time now that CM1 would be better off in a different field. (This is not your father's law field he would say.) Something more forward looking with less asshat involvement, hubby would recommend. Well now CM1 can do something more productive and fulfilling with his life. (He is looking at computer science and gaming at the moment, so who really knows.)

There is a reason that Shakespeare once wrote that the first thing society needs to do is " kill all the lawyers." The frakin' creeps in the field do ruin it for everyone else...don't they.

Yes I am thinking of contacting OCR. Not sure it will do any good. If the government actually took disability rights to heart, the problems with the LSAC, or in fact the problems nationwide in education for accessing disability rights, would  be moot today instead of getting worse.

You know I let down my guard for one lousy minute and the shoe dropped again.... DAMN

Until next time,