Saturday, June 30, 2012

In-Sync Activity Cards - Helping Children Develop, Learn, and Grow

From the authors of Growing an In-Sync Child, Joye Newman, M.A. and Carol Kranowitz, M.A., come these activity cards that can help your child learn to understand the world around them.

There is no doubt that this entire set is very user friendly. The cards are listed in groups of beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each individual card comes with an explanation of the purpose of the activity. Every card has a supply list, which can include anything from "yourself" to a mini-trampoline to typical household items to requiring a trip to the hobby shop...NOT TO WORRY...there are so many activities to chose from that no budget gets overwhelmed. Each card also tells you how to adapt each activity so your child can learn and develop at their own pace.

Here is a snap shot of the front and back of a "beginner" activity card. (you are going to have to excuse my lack of photography talent)

Buy the cards HERE at Future Horizons.
Meanwhile, if you buy these cards at Future Horizons and use the code BOBBI you will receive 15% off on the cards plus free shipping. And yes that code is for Bobbi Sheehan one of our favorite autism-warrior-mom authors. Read my review of her book, What I'd Wish I had Known About Raising a Child with Autism HERE.

Also, don't forget Carol Kranowitz's book The Out-of-Sync Child when beginning this journey through sensory processing disorder.

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Not to force you to buy the cards from Future Horizons, you can also purchase them wherever books are sold:
Barnes and Noble
Sensory World
Better World Books