Tuesday, May 22, 2012

...Nope, the Problem is not His Eyesight....

Hubby and I were having a discussion about me and what I can do with my extra time. It has been very difficult to think about going to work in an office considering I am still needed to ferry the boys around. CM1 can't drive because of the epilepsy but CM2 could certainly learn to drive and maybe take them both back and forth from their college. We do have a bus service that takes them most times, but the bus is not always available when the boys need to come and go.

Now if CM2 could drive, it could free me up to try to get out of the house more actually. There does come a time when you shouldn't have to wait around and play mommy-taxi anymore but I told hubby that is not how things are working out. I have accepted that and am trying to come up with some kind of business that I can run out of the house. Of course businesses run on clients and you are at their beck and call, so no that may not work either. Well anyway we are coming up with some ideas and working out some possibilities. No it really isn't easy.

Meanwhile since hubby decided enough was enough and CM2 needed to really learn to drive already, he took him out driving this past weekend. Upon coming home I asked CM2 how it went. He replied it was great. OK...On the other hand, hubby walked in the door and didn't look as if it had gone great. He actually looked a little like a deer caught in a headlight...

Yes CM2 drove on a regular street. Unfortunately for some reason though, he couldn't keep the car straight and kept skirting the little rain-ditch on the side of the road. In the park near our home, he almost hit the stop sign, and looked away from the road to watch dogs at play. Driving along the main road he was going too fast and when hubby told him to slow down instead of easing up on the gas pedal he slammed on the breaks. Then when the car came to a corner to turn right or left he couldn't make up his mind which way to go and they sat there for 5 minutes. A lady who had been driving behind them finally passed the car and gave them a big thumbs down. (Hubby was glad she didn't flip them the bird altogether.)

Hubby insisted that there had to be something wrong with CM2's eyes because noone could be that bad a driver. This is a youngman who spends his time in hand-eye coordinating virtual reality. How he could have no depth perception, no ability to coordinate when driving and no ability to make a decision which way to turn was mind boggling...Well the decision issue we kinda sorta understood as he does always have trouble making decisions. But the rest of it, just blew hubby's mind.

So off we went to the optometrist the next day. Took CM1 along for good measure too. Nope, not a darn thing wrongs with the eyes. They both see perfect 20/20.

The reality is that CM2 is  just so untalented when it comes to driving it is unfathomable. I am hoping that with more practice than once every few months he might get better. Of course that means someone has to go out with him too and CM2 definitely doesn't want me along. It also means we will send out warning signals in our area whenever he does get behind the wheel of a car.

My mother recommended we hire someone to teach CM2 to drive. Not because CM2 would drive any better being taught by a stranger than if his father taught him, but mom thought it would save the hubby from having a heart attack.

Needlesstosay my children have an ongoing contest to see who is the more Sheldonian...well in this case CM2 wins..Watch HERE to see why.

Until next time,

Promising to send out twitter alerts whenever he gets on the road,