Saturday, May 26, 2012

Misogyny, Autism Ignorance and Society in General

I have several issues that have made me angry over the last few days and I am just going to discuss them.

Once again I came across a blogger who ignorantly tried to tie autism and psychopathology together. Yes I left a scathing comment. Not sure how much good that does, but if one person sees it and then learns something I suppose I have done my job for the day. I had honestly thought that that crap about autistics being "mentally ill" was starting to get behind us in many ways. I suppose not. Ignorance holds on like a vice at times and the only way to combat it is to stand up to it. BTW I won't link to the blog. Its not a "big" blog, just some random individual and not really worth a litany of autism-warrior attacks. But suffice it to say if there is one moron out there, there are many where he came from....something akin to roaches actually. So the next question is what to do about society's perception in general?

Education of course is key, but how to get it into the wider mainstream market? Yes we can have movies about Temple Grandin and characters like Max on Parenthood, but really how many people actually pay that close attention? Or do they pay attention to the journalist who asks the inane question about a serial killer possibly having an autism spectrum disorder? Which reality gets posted into the psyche of society?

This attachment to ignorance is why I do not use the boys' names in my blog and we try to protect their privacy as much as possible. There is too much presupposing when it comes to person's with disabilities in our society, most of it all incorrect. It's not that the boys are ashamed of who they are, by no means. It is our, the parents knowledge of the greater world, that lends itself to this caution (And no the boys do not have to be the poster child for autism awareness. They were that their entire educational lives so far, enough really is enough.). It is also why before college we had the boys tested not only to prove that they still needed accommodations, but to show that they are only autistic NOT psychotic. That their mannerisms or idiosyncrasies are not dangerous and that they are not going to hurt someone. That their harmless characteristics are just that, harmless characteristics.

You know every time, I think we have moved forward as a nation, something really reminds me how far we still have to go.... on that note lets talk about misogyny and the degradation of women.

Whether you agree with her politics or not, a conservative commentator, SE Cupp, was just subjected to a revolting attack by Hustler magazine. In fact it was so disgusting that Gloria Steinem and the ladies of The View came out and condemned this action. What is it about society that people think its OK to call a women a nasty name or to produce vile, sexually explicit pictures denigrating them simply because you disagree with what they have to say? I have yet to see adult men do that to other men. Why is it OK to call conservative women vile names (you know the words I am talking about so I do not need to explicitly mention them) and then take their money in your political PAC? Where are all the pundits (and those on twitter who put "slut" in the avatar) who screamed about Sandra Fluke being called names and yet they remain quiet about this latest outrage? NOW by the way did condemn the Hustler attack but then backhanded the republicans. That is not a condemnation. That is their own inability to support conservative women simply because they are women. They were forced into a position that they had to stand up for SECupp and they did their best to continue their partisan politicking. BTW In my opimion the last descent president of NOW was Eleanor Smeal. Since then NOW has become simply an embarrassment to itself.

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Misogyny is a hate crime. It deprives women of their right to think, and discuss and most importantly to disagree with how men think or how the "powers that be" think. The problem that I see is that so many who continue the denigration of women are women themselves. Think Hollywood celebrities, comedians and pundits. These "women" act as if as long as the person is not of your "persuasion" than any attack is just fine and dandy.

Here's the answer NO IT IS NOT. Talk about the topics. Agree to disagree intelligently. But if you cannot argue with facts and figures and need to resort to name calling your position loses all merit. Remember that.

ANOTHER NOTE: What is this thing about Jenny McCarthy posing nude in Playboy to bring autism awareness. Who the hell asked her? First of all no, I am not a huge fan of hers to begin with, but her books, talks and appearances at least brought autism awareness out into the open. We don't have to agree with her, but it started many dialogues about ASD, which was a good thing. Still this recent act of hers just continues  the idea that the only way a women is worthy of attention is to be naked and to become objectified.

Sorry, no I do not want my children to be viewed through such a lens. There is an inordinate amount of disrespect that goes along with objectification and my children and all our children are entitled to respect. While this upsets me, I would probably be even more horrified if my autistic child was female. For this sends an even greater negative message to women on the spectrum. Sadly I don't think Ms. McCarthy truly understands that or quite frankly she is simply trying to jump start a stalled career and using our children in order to do that. Latest discussion in Forbes magazine.

The great irony here is that my boys, from a very early age, would not even watch beauty pageants because they objectify women. "Women are supposed to be my intellectual equal. Why would I objectify them in this way, " was what I heard from the minds of my sons. Interestingly their thought processes alone, I had nothing to do with it. CM2, I would even characterize as an ardent believer in women's rights. CM1 also believes in women's rights and is quite vocal about it, just not as passionate about it as his brother. I think they are of the generation that sees inequality and inequity and understands that something needs to be done about it. To them it is as natural as breathing. Of course who gets to define what defines women's rights and success (liberals or conservatives or something in between) they don't necessarily agree upon, just like society in general. As I said they think for themselves on everything,

So Jenny McCarthy not only doesn't speak for women when it comes to autism awareness. She doesn't speak for the autistics in society either. Someone needs to tell her that....

Anyway here are the thoughts that annoyed me over the past week. What do you think? What is your opinion?

Until next time,


5/26/12 Interesting Update: Apparently there is a nasty contest going on on twitter between a conservative pundit and a liberal pundit..the liberal is a woman. The conservative double-downed by using misogyny to attack her....HERE is the column from twitchy discussing it. Luckily there was quite alot of smack downs by the conservative cadre to garner respect for those who push this political ideology....but not quite enough to get this moron to shut the heck up.

The sad part is how many women on both sides of the political spectrum see nothing wrong with the "women-hating" as long as its their side directing it at someone withwhom they disagree  HERE. BTW I am Independent Patriot. That's my political profile on twitter.