Sunday, April 8, 2012

V is for Value: #10FactsAboutMe

A new twitter trend this morning was asking people to list ten things about themselves. As parents of special needs children we always tend to come in last no matter what the situation. So I am going to remember the things that makes me me and I want you to do the same. PS do not write about your family, your children, your husband...this is only about remembering who you are...

1. I like to write. (I forget everything else that I have to do if I can sit at my computer and write about autism, politics and everything else that crosses my brain. I also have tons of story ideas for novels in my head, but can't seem to get them down on "paper." I used to crochet, knit, needlepoint and do any manner of craft but no more. My present obsession is writing. However, I will help those who want to learn to crochet, knit or needlepoint.)

2. I like fashion: shoes, handbags, clothes (I don't really have alot of money to spend on any of it. I waste plenty of time looking at fashion blogs and window shopping on-line though. I also spend my life in sweats and pajamas. I don't usually wear any of the really "good" clothes I have in my closet and quite frankly I don't have any desire to wear them either. I did get dressed up for my nephew's bar mitzvah last weekend and that really was fun. But boy, I was oh so glad when I could take off those high-heels and put my clogs back on.)

3. I am addicted to twitter and facebook (Yeah I admitted it and no I do not want a rehab program for it.)

4. I do exercise to try to keep in shape and maintain my weight, only because it will help me live longer. (I used to like exercise when I was younger but now it's really a chore. I also am rather annoyed about my weight. I put on about twenty pounds due to some meds I took, however I have stopped taking the medicine-its been six months- and yet the weight is still there. The doctor told me that my thyroid is fine. So it means my diet sucks. That is not exactly what I wanted to hear.)

5. I am a proud American.

6. I am a proud Jewess.

7. I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. (Yes I went to college and law school. What I studied was not really me, well the Constitutional law and civil liberties part was. I can't decide if I have changed, the world has changed or my priorities have changed. Probably some of everything. Would be nice to figure it out though, before I become a little-old-lady who has yet to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. They say harness your passion. Unfortunately when your passion is making sure your children have a future it does not lend itself too much introspection, or maybe I am just using this as an excuse? Perhaps, probably oh I don't know anymore. And no I don't want to write a book about autism and "our journey." That's what this blog is all about. See that's my problem in a nutshell....I guess its back to the novels and trying to get them down on "paper.")

8. I hate housework, and that includes cooking, even though I am pretty descent in the cooking area. I am very happy now that the boys are old enough to help out in the house and they are responsible for some of the things I detest the most. (HEHEHE)

9. I watch way too much news. (I sometimes need to remind myself to turn the channel and put on something that will not give me a headache or make me depressed. Then of course I do change the channel and up pops an inane television program. I need to remind myself that besides The Big Bang Theory and about five dramas, I should turn the damn boobtube off. Oh I have started watching some Congressional programs on c-span but those people will give anyone a migraine and nightmares.)

10. Lastly I think the most important thing to remember about me is that no matter where I go and no matter what I do, I try to do it without hurting anyone's feelings. However, I will not hesitate to stand up for myself and what I believe in. If someone gets hurt then, I can't help it. I will not be bullied, insulted nor disregarded. I will not be made to feel small or inconsequential. I will not allow others to destroy my self-esteem just to build themselves up. Plainly, I am me and noone is going to take that away. If you do not like me then keep going. I will change for noone and nothing.

Until next time,