Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Autism Numbers

New CDC numbers out today: 1 in 88 children and 1 in 54 boys.... The number of those living with autism has gone up by 78%. No one knows why...

Honestly part of me really doesn't care why. I know for many young parents or soon to be parents, it would be helpful to understand what is happening to society. But that is not my issue right now. The issue I have is how to help those who are here living with autism and especially those who have aged out of the educational system.

I have no answers. I know that for everything we do for the boys we do it on our own. The programs available, which are being cut anyway, are not appropriate nor applicable to them. And no I have never tried to apply for benefits of any kind. I so far have refused. There are more needy in the world and I hate those that are piggish, thinking its all coming to them and theirs simply because they pay taxes, when they have alternative means of support. (You'd be surprised how many who could afford things on their own, have decided to work the system because they think they are entitled.) I believe as a society we help our fellow citizens and hope beyond hope, that one day we will not be the ones in need of help.

Luckily we have a way to find the money for the boys' therapies. We are beyond blessed in that regard. Sadly the reality is that if we couldn't afford the para for college, the boys would be languishing at home. It pains me to think of all those who are not being given a chance in life because they lack the financial support they need to be able to access all that they are capable of becoming.

I have no answers other than to get society involved and expect society to help. But in today's world of so many needs, with such overwhelming societal deficits, I do not know if society is ready to do what it needs to truly do for our children's future.

Personally, I try to educate as much as I can in the world in which I live. I hope that teaching people to be compassionate, understanding and  accepting will lead to a better future for the boys and all of our children. Honestly hope really is all I have right now. Well, that and prayer.

This is why I lay awake at night and can't sleep.

I know this is the song for Haiti..but in all reality its applicable to everyone and all that we as a world need to be. And yes I remember the original when it was sung for those dieing of famine in Africa...

Until next time,