Friday, March 30, 2012

New York Times: Hunger Games Star Too Fat

Really, the movie critic for the New York Times actually wrote that the star of the Hunger Games is too fat. Now I have not seen the movie, but from what I can tell on television and publicity photos Jennifer Lawrence looks gorgeous. She looks like a real woman. She has breasts, hips and that oh so demonized hint of baby-fat. They even wrote that at 21 she was too old to play the lead.

And we wonder why there is an epidemic of eating disorders in this country....

Listen I am not the parent of a teenage girl. I can't imagine the pressure on them in today's day and age. It was hard enough when I was growing up, but atleast our role models were Christie Brinkley and the athletic look. LOOK HERE  It was good to have muscles, be strong, self-empowered and self-reliant.

Somehow women's roles have now devolved into this waif thin damsel in distress persona. What the heck is that all about? Everyone derides conservatives for their view on women, did anyone ever deride Hollywood and the music industry for their misogyny and disrespect towards women? Other than invoking freedom of speech they wouldn't even have one leg to stand on...In fact if it happened to be an actress trying to stand on one leg they wouldn't have the strength to stand for very long. It takes food to have any kind of energy whatsoever.

Hunger Games is all about female empowerment. For some reason this bothers so many. In fact one reviewer even warned women that they were not to be taken in by the empowerment angle. Excuse me? We are not to think of this as a good film simply because it teaches our daughters that they can be self-sufficient, self-reliant, self-empowering human beings. Wonder when was the last time a movie with a male hero warned viewers to not be taken in by the male empowerment message of the movie? (Actually got that criticism from Kristen Powers...token (but still blonde) liberal on Fox News.)

Anyway you decide for yourselves whether you think that Jennifer Lawrence is too fat, just right or quite frankly could even use a few pounds. Better yet, its time to make sure that WE not Hollywood, music or the fashion industry dictate what beauty and womanhood are all about. Especially when we try to teach our daughters to respect themselves.

What ever happened to being healthy? Thought that was the message that we were supposed to give our children. Eating right, exercising and retaining a good weight so that you can think, reason and function in life. That is the only way to be the master of your own future.

By the way as an interesting aside..The Israeli government just passed a law making it illegal for models under a certain BMI to work in their fashion industry. They decided to do this after some designers worldwide said that they would not follow the recommendations of their Guilds as to model health. And yes, the Israeli fashion industry is one of the quickest growing fashion hot spots in the world.

Finally someone has had enough with women who starve themselves to death in order to please some misogynistic "first world view."  Something also tells me in that in the Horn of Africa, where they are starving to death due to government induced famine, bone-thin is not all the rage.

You really don't get sexier than Marilyn Monroe in a bathingsuit.

Fat-shaming, Body Image and a Culture of Dehumanization

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P.S. And yes boys need a healthy body image too. Too many times you see muscle bound cretins extolling the virtues of endless exercise and dieting. Truth be told, you can't develop those type of muscles without the use of steroids. make sure that your sons also know the dangers of steroid use and give them the strength to say no to harmful supplements ...Help them accept their bodies in a normal natural healthy state too.

Morning HaHa

This is why I like Pinterest. A picture can be worth a thousand words.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Strong Women Look Like

A minor controversy has erupted over Katy Perry's latest video. Well it only erupted because some useless D list "feminist" who hasn't written anything of worth in decades, decided to deride her for using women marines as a symbol of strength. For those who don't know who Naomi Wolf is, she wrote the first look at the culture of "beauty." It was interesting when it was written. Since then however, she sounds like a whinny caricature of real activist women.

Women like the amazing Ayaan Hirsi Ali and all those who risk their lives to end honor killings, forced marriage, gender apartheid and female genital mutilation are the true feminists of our generation. These atrocities, by the way, most self-proclaimed American "feminists" don't condemn because they prefer to adhere to the idea of cultural relativism rather than stand up for their abused sisters.  Here Here Wolf also thinks that the burqa, that feed bag that Moslem women have to wear in countries like Saudi Arabia is sexy, her words not mine. Here

The absolute irony here is that if it weren't for these marines defending freedom and our way of life, Naomi Wolf couldn't say the stupid, ignorant, insulting and pompous things she does. Her latest venture was being arrested with the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Of course once she was released she did return to her million dollar apartment. Nothing like being a 1-percenter and telling everybody else how to live I suppose. Can you tell I think she is an embarrassment to the women's rights movement?

Here's the comment I left at the Huffington Post:

Wolfe is an irrelevant dilettante and an embarrassment to real women's rights activists. 

Here's the Katy Perry video:


By the way, you can have any opinion of Wolf that you want. Free country and all. But quite frankly I think the present women's rights movement in this country in total, is an embarrassment to our forebearers. 

If you are interested in real feminist writings read Dr. Phyllis Chesler. Her life alone reads like an adventure novel. As a young Jewish woman, she married a Moslem man. Moved to his country. Was promptly imprisoned by him. Luckily she managed to escape. She returned home and began a personal crusade for women's equality and rights.

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New Autism Numbers

New CDC numbers out today: 1 in 88 children and 1 in 54 boys.... The number of those living with autism has gone up by 78%. No one knows why...

Honestly part of me really doesn't care why. I know for many young parents or soon to be parents, it would be helpful to understand what is happening to society. But that is not my issue right now. The issue I have is how to help those who are here living with autism and especially those who have aged out of the educational system.

I have no answers. I know that for everything we do for the boys we do it on our own. The programs available, which are being cut anyway, are not appropriate nor applicable to them. And no I have never tried to apply for benefits of any kind. I so far have refused. There are more needy in the world and I hate those that are piggish, thinking its all coming to them and theirs simply because they pay taxes, when they have alternative means of support. (You'd be surprised how many who could afford things on their own, have decided to work the system because they think they are entitled.) I believe as a society we help our fellow citizens and hope beyond hope, that one day we will not be the ones in need of help.

Luckily we have a way to find the money for the boys' therapies. We are beyond blessed in that regard. Sadly the reality is that if we couldn't afford the para for college, the boys would be languishing at home. It pains me to think of all those who are not being given a chance in life because they lack the financial support they need to be able to access all that they are capable of becoming.

I have no answers other than to get society involved and expect society to help. But in today's world of so many needs, with such overwhelming societal deficits, I do not know if society is ready to do what it needs to truly do for our children's future.

Personally, I try to educate as much as I can in the world in which I live. I hope that teaching people to be compassionate, understanding and  accepting will lead to a better future for the boys and all of our children. Honestly hope really is all I have right now. Well, that and prayer.

This is why I lay awake at night and can't sleep.

I know this is the song for Haiti..but in all reality its applicable to everyone and all that we as a world need to be. And yes I remember the original when it was sung for those dieing of famine in Africa...

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Westchester County Passover Party Autism Family Center