Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Million Tweets and Retweets....#YouMightBeAnAutismParentIf....The Interview

Bobbi Sheahan interviewed Jenny Herman and me all about that little hashtag we created #youmightbeanautimsparentif....The interview was alot of fun. I suppose its one thing to write how you feel about certain topics, especially things related to autism, its quite another to actually be asked the questions. Well here is our interview. Hope you enjoy it. Tell me what you think and let Bobbi know too.

There is a large and thriving autism community on Twitter, and it's become larger and more connected thanks to two ladies I'm delighted to interview today. If you haven't heard of the Twitter hashtag #YouMightBeAnAutismParentIf, you should log on and check it out. 
On November 20, 2011, Jenny Herman and Elise Ronan got the party started. Jenny tweeted to the Twitterverse that she thought @BobbiSheahan should start an autism comedy circuit in the style of Jeff Foxworthy.  
Elise quickly picked up on the idea and said, "We can get that started!" Little did Jenny know Elise was in the process of creating the hashtag. Jenny came up with some kind of funny reply, but the game was already on. #Youmightbeanautismparentif was born.
It went viral within hours.
Within a day, bloggers started to take notice:
Then another, from one of the two people who started it all (in which she gives credit to Jenny Herman):
I could go on and on listing them, like this one:
Another blogger set up a live feed of #youmightbeanautismparentif on her blog:
And even one by a blogger who calls herself “Pooping Red Guy” (It’s a long story):
Even Jenny herself chimed in with a blog post! At the time of this writing, over 30 blog posts are linked up, all discussing the hashtag.
Today, we have Jenny Herman and Elise Ronan here for a no-holds-barred interview about autism, Twitter, and some other surprising and fun topics. Read the interview HERE.

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Here is another list from The Friendship Circle of some favorite #youmightbeanautismparentif  tweets.