Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Hebrew Mamita

Anyone who reads my blogs, knows that I help anyone with special needs children that need helping. I do not look at skin color, religion, ethnic background, heritage, politics or anything other than the fact that they have a child with autism and they need support. So it always comes as a surprise to me when someone who asks for my help then tweets antisemitic conspiracy theories, slurs or just plain good old fashioned anti-semitism wrapped up in ignorant anti-Israel rhetoric.

I know its out there. I have experienced it in real-life myself. But its the sheer audacity of some people that always amazes me. It's not like I hide the fact that I am a very proud Jew, but its not something I write about often on this blog, sometimes yes, but not really alot. So it always amazes me when people come out with their ignorance and expect me to overlook it, or better yet agree with them.

I used to tweet back to them. But I don't anymore. Brilliant-computer-sis warned me about the crazies on the internet and even if you think you are unknown a good hacker can find you. Heck if Anonymous can hack the Pentagon, you can be found for certain. So I just block the person. You can't save everyone I have learned. Honestly I think, when dealing with such hatred, its not even worth trying. Some people rightly deserve your disdain.

Just how far am I supposed to go in helping others, when these people do not see me as human because I am a Jew? Yep, blocked someone today. It does make me sad  that 70 years after the Holocaust so much has not changed.

h/t Yourish.com

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