Monday, January 30, 2012

More on the DSM5

Dr. Allen Frances has penned another post about the upcoming DSM5 changes. Read it HERE. Unfortunately I think Dr. Frances misses the big picture as far as the autism community is concerned. Here is the comment I left:

Unfortunately Dr. Frances' concept that services should not depend upon the DSM shows an apparent lack of understanding of the law. Under the IDEA your child must fit into one of 13 categories. Additionally, many states have created required services for those designated under the "autism" label, which many children will lose. While special education teachers will tell you that they deal with the issue to help a child, not teach to the disability category, it does not bode well if you cannot fit your child into one of the categories.

However, another point to don't stop having an invisible disability because you graduate from 12th grade. There are alot of needed adult services which many individuals will not be able to access because they do not fall under the DSM. The question is what will happen to them and how will society react when they fall through the cracks? Afterall they now, according to the Psychiatric Gods, have nothing wrong and should not have any problems.

The reality is that noone is that attached to the autism label that they could not function under a different diagnosis. But what it does do is redefine a huge community of people who have finally found the ability to understand themselves. They have denied people the civil right to define themselves. They have removed once again the fact that those in the autistic community are first and foremost humanbeings. The psychiatric community has no right to do that.

Tell Dr. Frances what you think.

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