Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Books for the Siblings

While this blog is dedicated to helping parents find practical solutions to helping their special needs child, one thing that I am sure we all think about is the neurotypical sibling. What do we do for them? How do we help them cope? How do we ensure that they feel loved, wanted and supported? I have mentioned sibshops for our NT offspring before, but this post is about something else, something in many ways that may actually be infinitely more important.

BOOKS. Yes books and all that they mean, imply and entail. Friendship Circle has a terrific list of books for siblings so you can explain their brother's or sister's special needs. What happens then, when you take time to read to your NT child, is that you get to accomplish two goals: you get to explain why their sibling gets more attention at times and you also spend time with the NT sibling reading. There is teaching understanding and compassion. There is that much needed parental-child attention. There is the all important "educational reading time" wrapped into a few pages of paper.

Yes paper, not ebook. I am still of the mind that young children need to hold a book in their hand. They need to smell, feel and revel in the feel of a book. Learning is not just about letters, it is also a tactile and emotional adventure as well.

HERE is the list from the Friendship Circle. Happy Reading Time.

Until next time,