Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mom's Day Out NYC

I always tell everyone that you need to get out with a friend or by yourself to just do nothing you don't want to do. Well I get out bimonthly with brilliant-computer-sis. I go get my haircut, we go out to lunch and then we go window-shopping (OK on occasion I do buy myself a present too, or send our mother something she likes as well.).

One week before Christmas my goal was to go see the Christmas windows at all the stores and to see the Rockefeller Center Tree. She forewarned me that its was a madhouse down by 30 Rock, but hey I thought she was being over-dramatic. Holy freakin' cow... It was a sea of people...well more  than what you generally have in NYC...It was a sardine can sea full of people.

New York's finest had blocked off all the streets around the tree to traffic so even the roads became the sidewalk and still it was human gridlock. Never mind what it was like in front of the stores, with people waiting to see the windows. Never made it to see the windows after the tree, honestly  I had had enough. Could barely get in the front door of the store. Then we could barely get out of the store to walk away. Thank heaven there was no emergency. The EMTs could never have gotten through. (I kid you not.)

It's funny though how whatever you do your thoughts do come back to your children. I had had an idea before I left on my sojourn that it would have been nice if hubby and the boys met us at his office, which is not too far from Rockefeller Center, to go see the tree. Just something fun and different to do. But hubby being the Wise Old Sage that he is knew better. "Not for them," he had said. I thought he was just being a stick in the mud.

Well as I waded through the thicket of people my thoughts went back to that conversation and I thanked my lucky starts that he was a little more on the ball than I was. There is no way that  the boys would have felt anything but a terrible sense of being overwhlemed. There would have been no fun, enjoyment or happiness. There would have been some yelling, maybe a meltdown but definitely there would have been young men telling me I was an idiot.

So all in all it was a successful day. My hair is cut off and cute (If I do say so myself). We had a lovely lunch at my favorite restaurant. While I waited for Brilliant-computer-sis at the restaurant's bar (Yep had my requisite glass of champagne too), I chatted up some tourists from Australia.  I was very glad to hear that they were having a wonderful time, not only in New York but that they had enjoyed California as well.

Then after lunch we met a lovely couple from Iowa who actually were trying to navigate the NYC subway system on their own. I gave them kudos. The wife actually asked me how I was able to get around. They were so confused. I pointed at sis and told her I only do it when I have her with me. I think it made the Iowan tourist feel not so bad about being disconcerted. Glad to hear they were having a great time too. "A dream come true to visit New York City," she said.

We love tourists and go out of our way to be very nice to them. In fact the tourists we met were shocked how nice people happened to be. I honestly think that Americans, especially New Yorkers get a very bad rap worldwide. We may not smile all that much when someone walks by (busy lives and a very driven existence), but if you need something, anything, New Yorkers are the most generous of people. Of course we have our morons. I sometimes think its simply because we have so many people who live here that it seems that the morons overwhelm. Honestly they just happen to get most of the press. So ignore them. If you are thinking about coming the NYC please will have the best of times. I promise.

After chatting up the tourists we ran some errands sis needed to do and as i said earlier we did go down to the Tree like I wanted. I did mention to brilliant-computer- sis that next year she was to remind me of this lunacy if I mentioned that I wanted to go see the Rockefeller tree again.

"Can I tell you I told you so?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'll give you that," I graciously added.

Nope have no idea who the chick with the white cap happens to be, but I couldn't get a shot without her in it. If I stopped moving I was not sure I wouldn't  have been swallowed up by some kind of vortex created by all the human movement. It reminded me of that Star Trek episode, where Kirk was supposed to be the catalyst to bring disease to an overpopulated planet. There was a scene in the show where people would not move one step in front of themselves on that planet. That's what it was like in front of and around that tree

But the tree was very pretty though....

Until next time,