Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kung Fu Hanukkah

This is so cute I couldn't resist.

Here is the explanation from their You Tube site about the video:

Kung Fu Hanukkah from The Hashmonites

In ancient Israel lies the home of the Macabbees... In modern Israel on the very same spot is a small town named in their honour- Hashmonaim. A group of children from Hashmo bring the story of Hanukkah to life as modern day Kung Fu and Ballerina Macabbees. On a rainy day in Kislev when Shalom and Matan were home sick from school they wrote their own version of of the Kung Fu Panda song "Kung Fu Fighting" and changed it to "Chanukka Lighting" (with a little help from their Mom, Sarah). They invited their friends to come make a movie with them.

All the parent got involved and roped in friends and family to get it this video done- thank you Dena Lerner, Sarah Nadav, Robin Greenspan, Shani Greenspan, Esti Green, Elisheva Lieberman, Shimon Greenspan, Dave Nadav and Jon Nelson from Eden Mi Qedem who sang and mixed the song

Special thanks to Roladin for donating the doughnuts and Happening for providing the Angry Birds.

Until next time,