Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gift of Life...Be A Match...To Life-L'chaim

In conjunction with The Gift of Life Organization, the Maccabeats and Mayim Bialik have teamed up to make everyone aware of the need for bone marrow donors. The fund drive asks that people donate $18 in order to process the DNA swabs already collected and those they hope to collect in the future. Yes, 18 is an odd number to ask for. We usually are asked for donations in levels of five, ten, fifteen, twenty and so on.

So why 18 then? The Maccabeats and Mayim, being Jewish are asking for that number. You see, 18 is an important number in Jewish culture. Long before arabic numbers became the norm for everyone, the Jewish people used the aleph-bet (or Hebrew alphabet) to denote numbers. In fact, even to this day, for religious purposes, numbers are still written with hebrew letters.

Now when using the aleph-bet  to count,  the Hebrew letters that are combined to denote the number 18, chai/yud, is the word for life, or "chai." So Jewish people worldwide tend to give gifts in groups of 18.

go to MakeSomeMiracles to donate. 

Think about giving some life-"chai." Donate $18 so someone, somewhere,  who needs a bone marrow transplant may live.

By the way, just in case anyone asks, no this is not an organization for Jewish people only. It is merely a fundraising gimmick for Gift of Life being used during the Hanukkah season. If you do not want to donate through the Maccabeats/Mayim website you can still go to Gift of Life and give what you can. But if you donate $18 with Mayim, you may win an autographed picture from the cast of The Big Bang Theory (just saying).

L'CHAIM -To Life  

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