Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tweetchat Transcript: Sexual Molestation-How to Protect Your Child, Teach Self-Reliance and Awareness

HERE is the link to our chat from last Tuesday about teaching your child about sexual predators.
Our discussion included:

1. How to teach them to behave in a public restroom
2. At what point do you allow them to go into a public restroom
3. What signs indicate possible molestation issues
4. Teaching your child about their body; positive body images
5. Bodily integrity
6. Keeping communication open so your child feels they can tell you everything; including sexual issues
7. Remembering that most sex crimes happen between people who know each other
8. Vulnerability of certain children
9. Remembering that sexual predators don't just appear at 30 they have been that way their entire lives

These are just some of the topics we discussed. Read the transcript and if you want to continue this conversation next Tuesday just let me know. I had planned to discuss Thanksgiving and your special needs child, but we can always discuss anything you want.

Remember our tweetchats are for you and to discuss topics of importance to you. Nothing is set in stone-flexibility is our watchword.

Until next time,