Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A New ...New Conclusion and Observation

I have come to a distinct conclusion about CM2. Well this is not a new conclusion nor a new observation...he is without a doubt, absolutely, unequivocally...a piece of work.

CM2 was quite ill over the weekend. Ill to the point that we took him to the doctor and put him on a massive dose of antibiotics. He laid in bed, sniffling, coughing and feeling quite sorry for himself as he tried to read the end of To Kill a Mockingbird. The fact that he was supposed to have it read weeks ago and that a paper was due Monday on the book, had nothing to do whatsoever with the fact that as usual CM2 waited until the last minute.  Procrastination is his modus operendi so much so that when I ran into his old special ed teacher from highschool over the weekend, she asked me if he still procrastinates alot...I kid you not. I had to admit that at that moment the boy was...well..being himself.

So there he lay, cuddled into his blanket and pillows, humidifier humming, Vicks Vapo Rub on the chest, grape juice by his side, fan going to create a breeze and me bringing him soup, sandwich and bottles of water. For those who watch the Big Bang Theory, remember how they all avoid Sheldon when he is sick... WATCH HERE...well think Sheldon and you have a picture of how my home operated over the weekend.

Now Monday morning, we woke him early so that he could write that paper that was due for class. He woke and did his work. He didn't let me or Wise Old Sage see his work product but I figure he will suffer the consequences if he didn't do a good job so let him learn from his mistakes. Meanwhile, he was ready and went to school on time. Still sniffling, coughing and generally a physical mess. Now don't get me wrong he is not contagious. I would not send him into the larger world if I thought he would infect anyone. Truth is by the time you see the symptoms its already too late and everyone around you has been encased in your germ ridden aura.

As usual I asked him if he had everything he needed and he said yes. I wanted to help him load his backpack but NOOOOO he wouldn't have it. So I let it go. Yes I know he was sick. And yes I know that I should have helped him. But if he was off at school he would have had to do at least that much by himself.

Needlesstosay, I received a text from him a few hours later. Apparently he forgot his flashdrive with all his computer science work on it. I texted back did he need it...his response "well if I am going to the new tutor it would help that I had the work I needed to do..." The back story here is that CM2 has been having a hard time in computer science and we have been trying to get him a  tutor since September, to no avail. The school finally found a youngman who was willing to work with CM2. The issue is not CM2's behavior but the problem being is that there are no computer science tutors at all. I find this rather strange since its such an emerging field, but there you go. So I was not about to let that get screwed up.  I told him that I would bring him the drive but that it would be an hour.

Luckily I had finished doing what I planned for the house and thought to bring my laptop with me to sit and wait for him and his brother rather than running back and forth to home. You see I had signed up to NaNoWriMo and have yet to have time to work on my so-called novel. I had etched out the few hours of solitude yesterday to try to begin my experiment in creative writing. But instead, off I went on my trek with the flashdrive and trying to get my sick little boy (OK not so little, but still quite not himself) the information he needed for his tutor.

Now here's the best part...when I got there it was the wrong flashdrive. I had picked up the one on his desk and didn't bother to look at his computer. As I was driving to the college I said to myself, I hope this is the right drive. Why in the back of my head I thought there was an issue and why, even though I knew better, I hadn't looked at the computer I will never know. But off I went back home for the correct drive. Yes, I know...you don't have to tell me....

As I went to leave I turned to CM2 though and told him, that in the real world, noone would be bringing him a flashdrive never mind running back and forth for the correct one. I also told him that in exchange for me driving back and forth like an idiot I expected him to be nice to me and not obnoxious. He promised he would.

So I set up a rendezvous point to hand off the drive when I returned in order that my darling, very indulged little boy could have the work he needed to actually benefit from the tutor. In all honesty it worked out quite well. He really liked the tutor and may actually with this little bit of help, do quite well in this class. Considering that CM2 wants to major in computer science and create video games for a living, it really would behoove him to be able to write code. So fingers crossed everyone.

Everything was quite fine when he got home too. He tried to work on another assignment that was also late for which he had received extended time, but that got saved for this morning and a few hours inbetween class today. WoS did review what he has written so far and honestly mentioned that CM2 writes quite well. But I always knew he did. He has a terrific voice. All his teachers constantly said so. All it takes is some effort on his part. Its the effort issue, not the talent, that is the problem. And yes, he was very nice to me and refrained from any exasperation, eye-rolling and body slumping when talking to me.

How long will this new attitude of being nice last from my son? Well as long as he doesn't feel well I presume. Today he is not so congested, he isn't sniffling and he isn't coughing anymore. He slept without the humidifier, Vicks and ate his regular breakfast. When I offered to help him load his backpack, he turned to me and told me to leave him alone, along with the eye rolling body slump annoyed tone of that wonderfully delightful teenager I gave birth too almost 18 years ago. I guess he is feeling alot better and has decided that his agreement with me to be nice didn't last into the next solar time period.

So what is the New...New conclusion and observation that I have made? None really...just that my child needs me when he needs me, and I annoy him when I annoy him. Nothing really changes. But one thing  I am going to be certain of is that every morning before he leaves for school he has that stupid flashdrive in his backpack along with everything else he needs for the day.

Oh and I am going to try to start my novel today...I know I am a week behind, but at least I can give it the old college try!!! Maybe I will write about a child, his mother and how lucky, yet unaware,  this child is that she loves him so much. But a novel is supposed to be a work of fiction...so I will pick another topic.

Until next time,