Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Baby is 18

Monday is CM2's 18th birthday. He may be my baby but a baby he no longer happens to be.......

Meanwhile as a legal adult, he is going to have to go sign some papers tomorrow: health care proxy, and powers of attorney. Remember once your child is 18 no doctor, no school, no police authority ever have to talk to you even if they know your child is on the autism spectrum. No one ever has to call you, or let you know what is happening with them either. They are not treated as juveniles anymore. They are treated by society at large as adults and all that implies. Also just as a reminder for those whose children are going off to college, they need to sign the release form as well or the school will not and does not have to ever talk to you about your child. It does not matter if you are the one paying the bill.

By the way what is my special secret to get CM2 to sign the papers being that he delights right now is being contrary...a little thing called tuition, food, shelter and of course video games. Until he can afford those on his own he signs the damn papers. (Also just as an aside, all adults should have those papers too. No one wants to end up in a Terry Schiavo nightmare.)

Until next time,

Happy Birthday to my baby boy....