Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Songs-Twilight and Turning Off the Bad Attitude

Happened to mention to hubby that I am tired of all the bad news and the bad attitudes I find just everywhere I go and on every television station. Yes things are really tough right now, but no matter how hard they happen to be, believe me they could always be alot worse. Its not like we live in Somalia, the slums of Buenos Aires or smack in the middle of the Mexican drug war. OK that's not exactly a positive attitude, but I think you all know what I mean.

Meanwhile did you hear about the moron who pepper sprayed 20 people so she could get the last XBox on sale for Black Friday? Not only does she not have any idea what Christmas is really all about, she hasn't figured out what the terms assault and battery mean either. However, I am sure the Los Angeles county court is now about to teach her.  Or did you hear about the grandfather that was body slammed to the ground by security because they thought he was shop lifting a videgame. The man was unconscious for ten minutes and there was so much blood on the ground the news covered his face with a privacy dot. What is wrong with some people?

We need to remember that it is time to be grateful for our blessings and rejoice in our accomplishments. It is time to celebrate our future and the joys it will bring. Will everything always be smooth sailing? No of course not. None of us live in a  world of unicorns and daisies. Yet if you maintain a positive attitude its alot easier to get done what you know you need to do for you, your spouse and and your children.

By the way when talking about society and how screwed up it is...what is this crap with Twilight?  What is this that so many young girls can't seem to decide between Team Jacob or Team Edward? This is a little creepy in my about we teach our female offspring to join the "Get a Life and Become a Neurosurgeon Team" instead. Meanwhile, get your girls to read Hunger Games. A story with a kick-ass heroine who takes control of her own life and stands on her own two feet. Teach them that everything doesn't revolve around who they are dating or not, and that they can have their own future and be their own persons. Heck, I do it for my sons. Why people still push the crap that "you are only important if you have a significant other" is beyond me. There's even a song on the radio, "I was nobody til you made me somebody." I turn that off when I hear it. It annoys me so much. I then tell the boys you are someone because you are a person and you are someone because you are you. It doesn't take another person to complete you. You need to complete yourself first.


So on that note, I am going to try to publish one holiday song a day. Send me the ones you like the best and I will post them here.  I am going to start with my favorite Hanukkah song (us being Jewish and all) from last year...Candlelight by the Maccabeats...

Looking forward to your choices...lets make this December one where we look back and say....nope couldn't have done it any better.

Until next time,