Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bad Days Good Days Going Around the Bend

So its been a really bad bad bad couple of days here in the casa...How bad do you ask? Well bad enough that I have basically abandoned my political blogging because I can't stand how everyone whines and has no answers. For those of you who don't know me, you may think that foregoing politics is not a big thing, but for me its huge (it was my escape from the world of autism). I just really couldn't take it anymore. It didn't matter which side of the aisle the person was on, all I heard was kvetch, complaint, self-centered bullshit and more self-centered bullshit.

Listen anyone who knows me knows my mind when it comes to politics. But when noone has any answers or even tries to come up with answers or compromises, and only knows how to blame others for problems, I have no patience. It's almost as if the entire political system is run by bitchy-pre-adolescent-mean-girls who have no social graces, class, intelligence and are lacking in the ability to think for themselves...sheep, they are all freakin' sheep.

Anyway, I went on my political profile on twitter and told then all off. Honestly. Not really sure how many of them listen to anyone but themselves anyway. It's not like on my autism profile where people try to interact and support each other as best we can. It's much different. On the political profile they really are only interested in "seeing" themselves tweet.

I actually tweeted that THEY are all causing trouble in our country; basically its ALL of their side wants to spend everyone else's money with abandon, the other side wants to take away the help that government gives people. They forget that the majority of people in this country want the middle road. We are good people. We work hard. We pay our taxes. We are law abiding and civic minded. We love our country very much. All we ask in life is that our government and our elected officials treat us with respect. I don't think we get any of that from any of them.

I reminded my followers that the majority of people in the country are independents, not democrats and not republicans. That we believe our government should be responsible with our money and use it for what we pay taxes help our fellow citizens. We do not pay taxes to send Congress or the Executive Branch on trips, pay for their 5-star-elitist-lifestyles (limos, lunches, planes, insider trading, etc) and give bonuses to their cronies or political hacks. Stop paying back political capital by growing government and throwing my hard earned money away on crap. Somebody, somewhere, needs to fix the darn roads, bridges and the nation's power grid. Some elected officials somewhere, need to stop destroying the nation's future just so they can get reelected. That when Congress starts cutting the budget they need to start with themselves and leave our support programs alone. They screwed up, not us. They need to be the ones left without pay and money to buy food for their families. Leave the supports for those who are skirting the edge of poverty, the elderly, the disabled, the unemployed, and especially military families, in this nation alone.

Needless to say after my little meltdown on twitter...which by the way was done without swear words, calling names and quite frankly in a very lady-like fashion I might add...seems while noone unfollowed me, people are no longer responding to my tweets. Oh well. It is simply amazing how so many grownups and self-proclaimed intellectuals, just really can't take criticism. I used to think it was only my aspies that had a hard time with being wrong, well apparently not. It is just amazing how ego-maniacal some people can really be. Politically inclined egomaniacs  are in their glory on twitter...for certain.

Or perhaps it was this tweet (or something like this) that did it...

After the whining and political name-calling, my children will still be autistic and it is still all up to me and me alone to make sure they have a future no matter how much I pay in taxes. To hell with all of you in DC.

OK not so lady-like but I think they, EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. deserved it.

Meanwhile, hopefully today will be a better day. It has truly started off better. CM2 woke up early to work on an overdue paper. Seems it really does bother him, (thank God) its about time. CM1 will be home today doing homework, which is better for him too. Changing up his seizure meds has not been so easy for him. Maybe there can be a little calm in the house, no meltdowns and no yelling. So here's to a better day and a brighter tomorrow.

Until next time,