Sunday, October 16, 2011

Robin Williams on Alcohol

Now that CM1 is 21 and allowed legally to drink, I have had to reiterate the rules to him about alcohol and his meds. Only on special occasions and only if someone is with you. Not that I that it is truly dangerous for him to have the occasional glass of wine, but alcohol does dilute the meds' effectiveness. So it really should not become a habit.

Meanwhile I came across this very old video of Robin Williams discussing the vagaries of alcohol and weed. I need to show it to CM1. Let him understand just what he is NOT missing. It does bring back memories not of weed ( I am a good girl I am), but freshman year in college and the propensity to over imbibe. Yes I grew up in the years when 18 was the legal age to drink a beer. Not like today when at 18 you can go off to war, buy a gun but apparently are too stupid to know your limit on alcohol, as if suddenly at 21 you can make logical decisions. I suppose there are also no forty year old drunks out there on the highways.

But as always Robin Williams generates that rather deep internal chuckle. Enjoy...

Until next time,