Sunday, October 9, 2011

30 Days of Me

As usual I was spending my mornings on twitter and came across this very interesting idea:

30 Days of ME by imamomtoo

As I have always told everyone who reads this blog, it is so very important to remember your own personhood. It doesn't mean you take away from your child and your responsibilities. What it does is remind yourself that it is really OK to be you. It is so important to not loose "you" no matter what life throws at you.

Example: I love historical novels. My favorite novelist of this genre  is Sharon Kay Penman. I am reading her latest book about Richard the Lionheart. It doesn't take away from my children that I spend some of my waking hours reading something not related to autism, adolescence and transitioning to adulthood. It is OK to remember the passions you had in your pre-autism life and enjoy pursuing these passions too. Now just as an aside, if you choose to pick up one of her books, start from her first novel, a retelling of the story of Richard III (called The Sunne in Splendour), then her Welsh trilogy and finally move one to Empress Maude, the Plantagenets and now Richard I and Saladin (another group of books unto themselves). In between her magnificent novels she wrote four mysteries involving Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard I and John of the Robinhood stories (who by the way was a real English king too). It may be a little out of the real timeline but its the best way to read her work (at least that is my opinion).

imamomtoo has a special page dedicated to the 30 day list and I would give it all a whirl if I were you. You don't have to write blogs or even keep tabs. But at least think about the list and how it all applies to who you are. I think it will make us all better people and above all better parents too.

Let me know what you think. But even more so, let imamomtoo let you know what you think.

Until next time,