Monday, August 1, 2011

...Oh My Freakin' God....The Plague of Hail

Just when you thought that everything that could have happened in many ways has happened, the heavens decide that they are totally not done with you yet. Actually this has nothing to do with the boys but with good old Mother Nature.

You see as I was driving to pick up CM2 from his class it began to rain as if it were a deluge. Suddenly I kept hearing pings on my car and I thought that somehow I was hitting rocks along the road that had been upturned by the major rain storm. Nope, not rocks, hail. Lots and lots of hail. I had heard that there was a hail storm to the south of us, but had thought it was going down wind and not up.

In fact,  as I realized that it was hail hitting my car, I received a call from CM2. He wanted me to pick him up in front of the library so he doesn't have to run across campus in the storm. I had no problem with that by any means. Actually, I was planning to text the para to tell them to meet me in front of the classroom anyway. So no biggie.

Well as I approached campus all hell broke loose with the weather and my car became inundated with pellets of hail. I sought shelter under an awning on campus to try to wait out the storm. Didn't think it was a good idea that CM2 and the para should run out to the car with the hail falling. It can be very dangerous. But some moron behind me had to leave and kept honking his horn. (OK not a moron, but he annoyed me at the moment). To be a good citizen, I did move the car to the front of the library  to get CM2 and out he came with the para. They jumped into the car. The para told me that CM2 was OK, albeit it a little shaken up. He was afraid of a tornado and had planned an exit strategy just in case there was an alert. CM2 told me that he had decided where he was going to go (the basement) and how to get there with or without the para. The para jumped out of the car and we took off.

Well half way home, we saw lightening.....oh yeah it gets better from here. Wise old sage calls and lets me know that the thunder is so bad that the house is shaking, the dogs are following him everywhere, that the barometer alarm keeps going off and CM1 is wearing earmuffs because the noise is so loud. I told him that I was going to drive really really really slowly but that I was going to come home. CM1 had had enough and didn't want me to pull over to the side of the road. I also thought it was a good idea to keep driving.

Then the rains came. Then there was more lightening, but interestingly there was no thunder. That I don't get and if anyone understands weather let me know why. Maybe we were too far from the epicenter? But then the hail started again.

Only this time it wasn't the little bit of scary hail from before. It was the oh my freakin' God...what the heck is going on...kind of hail. The kind of hail you read about in the story of the Exodus.

The hail was so thick you could not see in front of you and quite frankly I was afraid to stop because I thought someone would careen into the back of the car. CM1 was also egging me on saying "You can do it, you can do it." Now by this time, the hail was so thick it covered the roadway and I saw that the police had even pulled over. But I felt it was better to keep going at this point, I was half a mile from home.

Yes, I know, I probably did a dumb thing. But I felt I could make it. Luckily the near side road to my street appeared just as the mainroad in front of me disappeared in a haze of fog, hail and rain. You literally could not see in front of you. I swear I had never driven through anything like this before. OK I did drive through a tornado once when the boys were little, but I didn't know it was a tornado I thought it was just a bad rain storm, so I was just annoyed at the time, instead of frightened. But now, I was frightened (ssshhh don't tell). I pulled off onto the side street, was able to meander my way through the back roads and pulled into our driveway.

I am now drinking a well deserved glass of wine. Am thinking about a second.

Yes that is hail, not little white pebbles. It was truly surreal. However, by the time the storm had stopped, and I had changed into pajamas, and poured myself that glass of wine this is what was left of the hail. I guess it being 95 degrees outside ice does tend to melt....

Oh my freakin' God.

Until next time,


P.S. Here is my favorite song from The Prince of Egypt 

You know what...I look at my boys and see how far they have come and I say to myself I do believe in miracles. We can make them happen. You just need to believe and put in an inordinate amount of effort, time and love. The Hebrew translates to "Who is like unto thee oh lord...."