Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Financial Toll of Autism

abcnews Los Angeles

OK tell me something I don't know. But its nice to see it out there on the airwaves at least. Now maybe someone somewhere can figure out some kind of solution, or we should come up with an answer ourselves. I don't  have one, including government care. How long until a government  rations therapy for those deemed more functional? There is always just a finite amount of money for everything and autism isn't the only medical issue, or issue ingeneral, in our society.

Just think also, what if you have several children with autism, as the new medical evidence proves is a reality and we were just not making it up. I personally loved the one where the pediatrician tried to tell us that CM2 was just copying his brother's autistic traits. In fact you still hear that one from alot of  doctors in their discussions about development. Someone really needs to get these pediatricians back into a classroom and teach them about autism, development and reality. Told them it was hooey then and it is hooey now.

The question still remains however, how do you give them everything they need? What about your other children too? When are they even counted in the equation? Aren't your neurotypical children entitled to somethings as well? SIGH.....

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