Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Toxic Shock Syndrome- Be Aware-Save A Life

No this post is not about our children and autism. It is about you. Yesterday during our tweetchat for The Coffee Klatch our topic was doing things for yourself. While we chatted about reading books, knitting, taking long walks, etc, not a one of us, myself included, mentioned the need to make sure you go to the doctor. Actually here are some older posts that talk about among other things making sure you see your doctor regularly. HERE, HERE.

In the meantime I began following an important group on twitter called You Are Loved. It is an organization created in memory of a youngwoman who lost her life to toxic shock syndrome. (No men this is not your clue to stop reading. If there are women in your life that you love keep going.)  TSS was one of those illnesses that was in vogue to discuss decades ago, when I was a young woman. But people seemed to have lost interest, mainly I think because they thought the tampon companies had resolved the issues. Unfortunately that is not the case.  

We need to teach our daughters how to protect themselves and quite frankly a refresher course wouldn't hurt any of us either. Click here for You Are Loved's informational brochure.

Spread the word, join the  blog blitz project at You Are just may save a life...

Until next time,