Friday, July 29, 2011

Talking Special Needs Network

From The Coffee Klatch coming in September 2011.....Talking Special Needs Network the talk radio network dedicated to bringing you the best programming, best experts and best information available on focused topics related to parenting and educating a special needs child.  Talking Special Needs Network  is brought to you by Special Needs Coffee Klatch Ltd  (The Coffee Klatch) bringing you the same quality and standards you have come to expect from The Coffee Klatch. Go HERE  for information about all six new shows.

I am the co-host for Raising ASD Kids and Teens. The information about my show is listed below. I am coordinating my efforts with my friend, and the boys' life skills coach, Susan Cortilet. Go HERE to learn more about her.

Our radio show is scheduled to begin Wednesday, September 7, at 9am est. Listen HERE to our promo.

One of the more interesting aspects of our show is that we hope to answer everyone's questions about the practical aspects of dealing with disabilities on a daily basis; sort of like the "Dear Abby" or "Ann Landers" of autism and comorbid disorders/issues. And yes, I am aware that Abby and Ann were twin sisters, and that those were not even their real names. Susan and I however, are just good friends. No relation whatsoever.

So if you would like any questions answered or situations discussed please tweet me @RaisingASDKids or email me at Your tweet and/or email will be read on air as Susan and I discuss possible solutions to your everyday issues. Don't worry there will be total anonymity for all questions. Also don't go by just the topics of the day for your questions...these topics are entirely unrelated to any questions/issues you may have or any of your immediate situations that need some kind of resolution. We will be answering your questions concerning:

Executive functioning
Sensory processing
Auditory processing
Life skills
Social skills
Academic support
Language Skills
Mythologies of disabilities
Household structure
Dealing with the professionals
Diagnosis and what to do with the information
You and happiness
Television and electronics
Obsessions and perseverations
Your child's interests
Working with the school and befriending your child's teacher
Being involved in the regular community
Sharing the responsibility for raising your children
And any other issue that may arise that you would like discussed.....

RAISING ASD KIDS AND TEENS – Wednesdays 9AM EST Starting September 7, 2011

Hosted by Elise Ronan and Susan Cortilet bringing you practical parenting tips on life skills, executive functioning and educational accommodations.  Elise is the mother of two sons, now young men, with Aspergers Syndrome.  Elise has been writing about and giving real life answers for the most difficult parenting dilemmas facing autism families.  Susan is a licensed mental health counselor providing trainging for social skills and competencies, improved academic success, reducing social anxiety and fear and formation of healthy relationships in her private practice.  This show brings parents from early diagnosis to early adulthood raising children on a  spectrum with many dimensions and coexisting disorders.  Our hosts will help parents unravel the confusion and difficulty  identifying the comorbid conditions that are so key to proper treatment and therapies. For a parent raising a child with Autism there is no better resource than someone who has been there or someone who has spent their career coaching a child with Autism, this show brings you both.  Autism parenting tools and specifics to guide you on your autism journey.

Tentative schedule:

September 7       Meet the hosts Elise Ronan and introducing Sue Cortliet.
September 14     Debunking the disaster myth of diagnosis
September 21     Identifying the right professionals and the right therapies for our child
September 28     Relatedness and empathy
October 5           Dispelling the myth of specific interests
October 12         Thinking out of the box – how to do it and what it means

Hope you will join us. We look forward to hearing from everyone.

Until next time,