Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Autism and Empathy

Are you a person with an autism spectrum disorder, or a parent of a child with an autism spectrum disorder , and are you tired of the bigoted and stigmatizing view of how autistics lack empathy? Well, one woman has taken matters into her own hands. She has created a website, Autism and Empathy, dedicated to dispelling the myths associated with autism and emotional detachment. Here is her purpose in her own words:

This site exists to undo the myths about autism and empathy that have stigmatized autistic people for so long.

It features writing by autistic individuals, by autism parents and family members, and by others who understand that autistic people, all along the spectrum, can experience the world in highly empathetic and sensitive ways. Telling our stories, describing our experiences, and speaking the truth in our own voices, we can break dehumanizing stereotypes and increase understanding.

Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg
Editor and Publisher

Rachel is also looking for submissions from across the autistic world to lend their voice and stand up for autistic rights and recognition. Here is her submission policy:

All submissions are welcome, including previously published work. Please submit your piece or a link to your work to

Autism and Empathy neither seeks nor retains exclusive rights to any work. You can submit changes to your piece or request its removal from the site at any time.

Autism and Empathy does not assume responsibility for any information submitted, and published pieces do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the site owner. When you submit your piece to this site, you guarantee that it is your own work, that you are liable for its content, and that you have followed all legal rules and regulations for writing and publishing. 

Join the battle, hold your head high. Help dispel one of the oldest myths associated with the autistic community.

Again, the website is Autism and Empathy. Pass it on.

Update: Just found out they have a facebook page now. Don't forget to hit LIKE.

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