Sunday, May 22, 2011

May Happiness Project-Mindfulness-We Are The World

If I am not for myself who will be for me,
If I am only for myself, what am I? Rabbi Hillel

The Talmud, the Jewish book of law, tells us "to have saved one life is to have saved the world." 

Many of you who read this blog were either not born or were too young to remember the horrible famine in African that prompted this fundraising song. This was a phenomenon of its age...things have not really gotten all that much better in Africa, instead of dying of famine, most Africans will die of AIDS. It is reported that the average age expectancy in Africa is 35. If you wish to help go HERE for Bono's Project Red for AIDS support in Africa.

This song was updated after the earthquake in Haiti. It has been a year and things are actually worse for the people suffering after this natural disaster. Then of course there is the horror in Japan. Give HERE to the Red Cross to help these two nations.

As I have always said, everything is not about autism. It is how I have raised my boys. In Hebrew we call it tikkun repair the world. Here, Here

Tikkun Olam could be as simple as helping that old lady across the street, or as complicated as taking Palestinian children with cancer to a day on the ski slopes of the Golan Heights. There needs to be no grand gesture, even a simple thank you will sometimes suffice to make someone's day. A dear girlfriend of mine who lives in Atlanta posted on facebook that when she went to pick up her lunch at a fast food restaurant the guy in front of her had paid for her lunch. He said nothing. Asked for nothing. Did not even introduce himself (so no he was not trying to pick her up). Pay it forward we told her...of course it was unnecessary for she had already done the same for the person behind her.

In the meantime, our own nation is experiencing one of the worst seasons of tornado activity on record. So far over 350 people have died this spring. You can also give to the American Red Cross to help those in the midwest of the United States.

Pay it forward....mindfulness.

Until next time,