Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Spoilers had warned that the recent episode of Glee would bring people to tears. Well of course they were right. I usually don't cry at musical drama, especially when it involves teenage angst and high school shenanigans, but once again Glee out did itself. In keeping with bringing the idea that the differently-abled are entitled to respect and to have their humanity appreciated, Glee took it to the final moments of life- a funeral. Mean-Sue's sister with downsyndrome passed away and Sue was unable to bring herself to prepare the funeral. Not because she didn't love her sister, but her grief was so overwhelming that she was basically emotionally paralyzed. Here the Glee Club stepped in and helped out. I think we need to remember that it is not just respect for their lives that people with disabilities need, but that as with all life, the lives of those with disabilities should be celebrated. Sometimes it does take a funeral to remind us of that.

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