Thursday, April 7, 2011

Social Skills for Congress

Honestly I generally don't blog about politics here (OK once in awhile, I do) but I just couldn't help myself considering the on-going socially inappropriate machination going on in Congress.  I suppose since this blog is about a confluence of things that interest me greatly, the need for appropriate social skills and politics, I decided to cross-post this blog here and at Liberty's Spirit. Again how are we supposed to stress social appropriateness to our children when those that lead our nation act so infantile?

Unless you have been living under a rock you are aware that our government is about to be shut down because the republicans, democrats, independents and the one lone socialist don't seem to be able to play nice together. Everyone in Washington D.C. has to win, make their own rules and cannot under any circumstances compromise about anything (any of this sound familiar in your every day life?). I won't even mention the name calling, the finger pointing and the obnoxious bratty behavior on every side of the aisle.

Meanwhile, who is going to suffer in the end? The country that is who. However, don't fret about Congress, because they live paycheck to paycheck, Congress will pay itself during the shutdown. Its not hard to do since Congress makes the laws governing governance. They have decided that they are "essential personnel" and essential personnel still get paid in a shut down. Unfortunately the little people don't matter and they get to file for unemployment (because you don't live paycheck to paycheck)....except our soldiers overseas.

Those fighting over seas are not considered essential personnel, don't get paid and I wonder how you file for unemployment in a war zone. (I wouldn't count on there being unemployment applications on the battlefield, the government tried to send the soldiers absentee ballots for the last election and somehow the soldiers didn't get them in time to vote and have the ballots sent back. I guess no one in Washington ever heard of the internet and the concept of electronic voting). You guessed it our soldiers in battle don't get paid. In other words, their wives or husbands here holding down the fort, taking care of their families and keeping everything all together, have no money to pay bills,  but Congress in their marble halled offices, they get a paycheck.

Oh and don't think that there are any altruistic reasons that anyone in Congress is doing this for any of us. They play a game and they say what we all want to hear, but it is not about us and it is not about anyone of them standing up for the little guy. It is all about their power and the power to govern. They really don't care about any of us, if they did they would find a way to compromise just like a 5 year old learns to share and compromise in the bloc corner of their kindergarten. Listen you can't have everything and there comes a time that everyone has to give a little to get a little. Sadly noone in Congress learned anything in kindergarten.

Yes I blame the entirety of Congress, so don't get partisan on me. I won't print partisan comments and I won't engage in  bickering. If I wanted that I could just watch the news, enough of them yelling at each other on television and acting like morons. 

Anyway I think we should send them the following books, but I don't think any of them will be able to process it without years of major support and therapy.....


Wonder if there is a medication that guards against becoming a lamebrain? Have they invented that yet? Maybe Congress should fund the research. They say medications in conjunction with therapy does provide the best result....On the other hand, its only 18 months until we can vote the entire lot of them out.

Not sure if any of these books will help the situation in Washington, but they may help your child to grow up and NOT be like any of our exalted legislators.

Until next time,