Monday, April 25, 2011

Second Year Blogiversary

Today marks the beginning of my third year of blogging about autism and how it effects my boys. I have regaled everyone with the ups and downs we faced as a family and the boys faced individually. I have tried to parcel out the advice I have learned over all these years in trying to understand and help my wonderful offspring. I have gone into detail about the trials, tribulations and unique challenges the boys have faced and surmounted.

When this journey began the boys were on the cusp of manhood. Collegeman was in his challenging sophomore year of college and HSB was beginning to spiral through his sophomore year of highschool. Today collegeman is looking at graduate school and HSB is in his last marking period of highschool getting ready to jump into young-adulthood. I look back at where they were those two years ago and I see how much they have grown and changed. I have seen the development of their personalities and the development of their individuality.

I always tell my readers to not obsess about the future, but to take every moment as it comes and then one day when you do look back you will see just how far your child has come. Do not project your fears onto your child. Help them be all that they can be, just like any parent would. Do not hold them back and do not let others hold them back as well. Allow your children to fly. And fly is exactly what the boys are doing and are planning to do in the future. It is scary, yes, but they can and they will do it.

I have talked about supports, education, adventures and advocacy for your children. I have written about vacations and time when you just sit and do nothing. I have talked about YOU and how you are a person, entitled to some time for yourself. I have talked about how to keep your marriage together and to find support from the right people and to ignore those that bring a negative vibe into your life.

The year to come promises to be quite interesting, filled with new challenges and new mountains to climb. I am preparing and planning for all occurrences as we enter into a new chapter in my family's life. HSB in college (he already picked an honors course dealing with racism and prejudice and how it effects society) and collegeman on the verge of graduating and deciding the direction of his life (what type of graduate program so he can go on in life and take care of himself as any adult needs to do). To paraphrase the great Betty Davis in All About Eve...fasten your seat belts, it is going to be a bumpy ride (it truly always is)...ready or not the new year approaches.

Now I want to thank you, my readers and commentors, for the time you take to read my musings, ideas, concepts, speculations and rants. Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you so much for coming back.

Until next time,