Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Autism Telesummit

Please join me for the autism telesummit. You will notice on the list of speakers some of our guests and friends from The Coffee Klatch, and yours truly of course.

Here is Claire the host of the event explaining just how easy it is to listen in.

The little boxes she talks about are on the main telesummit homepage linked to above and below.


Kat Houghton of  http://relatetoautism  will be talking about

Finding Balance in your Interactions: How doing less inspires more from your child

Claudie Gordon- Pomares of www.multisensorytherapy.org will be talking about

7 Gentle Multi-Sensory Therapy Techniques to help you treat your child’s anxiety

Becky Blake of  http://CreatingSuperKids.com  will be talking about

5 Life Changing Keys to Unlocking Better Behaviour

Connie Hammer of http://parentcoachingforautism.com will be talking about

From Diagnosis to Advocate: 5 Stages of Parenting a Child with an ASD Diagnosis

Anna Kennedy of  http://annakennedyonlilne.com will be talking about

Living and Working with Autism- Mum to 2 boys and husband with diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome

Nadine Honeybone of http://the autismdirectory.com will be talking about

Creating an ‘autism friendly’ world

Amalia Starr of http://AmaliaStarr.com will be talking about

How to Build and Secure your Child’s Future into Adulthood

Elise (ME) of  http://asd2mom.blogspot.com will be talking about

Understanding and Helping your autistic child

Jean Nicol of http://theeatinggame.ca will be talking about

The Eating Game: Your Child Can Have Healthy Eating Habits Too!

and Claire Hayes, your host, talking about

How to be the Best Parent Ever (or how to look after yourself without the guilt)

Come and join us!

Hope to see you there.

Until next time,