Monday, March 28, 2011

Rethinking Autism and the Right to be Heard

Anyone who knows me knows that I have issues with some of the neurodiversity movement. I am not shy and I do not hold back on my opinions. (Had my share of disagreements.) However, you can't ignore something so powerful, poignant and moving as this video from Rethinking Autism...

I think that there are two major worries in my life when it comes to the boys, besides the everyday ones of course. I fear that once hubby and I are gone, there will be no one in the world who will love them. Love means more than just a relationship and a spouse (which is something that I hope and pray that they find. Not unlike all parents hope and pray that their children find as well) Love for the boys means alot more. The love I speak of is a parental form of love; an understanding form of love; a selfless love; a compassionate form of love that goes beyond romantic love. I suppose in some way when you have a good marriage or relationship that love encompasses all of these things. But if the boys cannot have the relationship form of love, I hope that someone will just love them for who they are. That form of love means protection and care for the entirely of their lives. It means they will never be alone. For even if they have each other, and I hope they will, as any parent hopes their children will be friends throughout their lives, they will not even have each other forever.

The other worry I have, which is always more immediate and right in front of you on a daily basis, is that  there are those who still will not listen to them and give them the respect they deserve because of their disability. We have been lucky so far at this college (with a few exceptions). But as I have written, the world is far and wide and vast and unforgiving and ignorant. Luckily I am still here to fight for them and to teach them to fight for themselves...But in the meantime as I teach mine to fight for themselves it is also important to remember to help those who cannot even speak for themselves. For they, as it says in the video, also need, and have a right to be heard, as well...

Until next time,