Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Language Issue Continued...

If anyone tells you that your child's language could be delayed for any reason (that your child is a second child, a boy, a second language spoken at home so it is confusing to your child, etc) and it is developmentally normal, remember these twins...

Apparently the conversation wasn't over yet....

No it is not a discernible language to us at least, but they are communicating and they do seem to understand each other. Isn't that the point of language after all?

Meanwhile collegeman, like HSB, is still having trouble dealing with language issues and their social implications. Yesterday in his Holocaust class one of the other students didn't know who the Axis powers were during World War Two. Needless to say collegeman made a rather loud comment and ended up reprimanded by his para. He had no idea what he did wrong. After class they spoke with the  professor and she just told him he should not comment on other people's answers. Personally I think the professor thought the same thing about the other student as collegeman did, but it truly is not socially acceptable to admonish people in a nasty way, Simon Cowell not withstanding. It is definitely not the right way to win friends and influence people. This incident is just another step along the way of trying to teach the boys to not be the "jerk" in the room.

You see one of the nice things about having a classroom coach for collegeman is that we learn about these incidents before they get out of hand. The para wrote me about the event and I had a bit of a talk with collegeman before he left for school this morning. I told him that you cannot call people "stupid" in class just because they don't know something. "Yes, if they are taking a class on the Holocaust they should know who the Axis powers were, but you still cannot go around calling people names. It is not nice."..."Yes, even if it is true."..."One day you may say something stupid in class and how would you like it if someone called you stupid?"..."Yes, it's possible that you may say something stupid one day."..."How would you like it if they called you names?"..."Yes even if you deserved it."..."Yes, you would learn something then..."...."Listen just don't do it. It's not nice and you can get thrown out of school for inappropriate and demeaning language."...."Just don't comment like the professor said."..."Just go to school and keep quiet except if you are asking questions."

I am going to need to have another talk with that boy when he gets home.

Until next time,


P.S. Just in case...the Axis powers during WW2 were Germany, Italy and Japan. The Allied powers during WW2 were the US, Britain and the Soviet Union (Russia).