Sunday, March 27, 2011

Executive Functioning, the Reality Show

As I have mentioned many times, one of the hardest things that your child will have to learn is how to organize their world, i.e. executive functioning (here, here, here, here, here). We have been working with collegeman for years on this issue and he even gets extra support in organization from one of his paras. This week I told him that he needed to organize his room a little better so that the final weeks of the semester, with all the tests, papers and presentations, would come easier. He told me that he didn't want my help but that he would take hubby's support, aka the Wise Old Sage. Basically he told me that  I am annoying. (C'est la vie.) Well he had no patience to wait for his father and he went ahead without any help.

This is what he considered organized:

It is at this point, that hubby, aka the Wise Old Sage, stepped into the picture and helped collegeman organize and straighten his room. After a little yelling and drama, of course.

Much better and much  less overwhelming ...doesn't seem like everything is going to fall in on collegeman while he does his work. You will notice that the bed is made, the draws for each class, under the desk are organized and the materials needed to help with the studying process are on the shelves to the right of the desk. The desk itself is now clean and there is nothing in front of the computer. So much easier to access the keyboard when you can actually see where it is (go figure, an intriguing idea that had not dawned on collegeman). You will notice the huge container of fidget balls on the desk, it is our secret weapon in the war on anxiety (other than medication, cognitive behavioral therapy and exercise).

Below, by the way, is the completely finished product of the Murphy bed and its surrounding environs. In addition to building the the bed from scratch, hubby designed and added an attached table with sliding shelves for collegeman's phone, laptop, necessary cans of seltzer, and a place for a reading lamp. This is all hubby's own original design. Told him that if he ever wanted to stop being a lawyer he could always design and build handmade furniture. We would probably starve (how many people can really afford the cost of handmade furniture) but I am sure it would add some bit of calm into hubby's world. He always did like to work with his hands: gardening, building stone walls, fences and home repairs. (OK, the not being able to pay bills part would probably add quite a bit of tension, so maybe this could be a goal for retirement at least). The man does have a heck of a talent.

The Murphy bed before the additions:

Step, by step. Inch by inch. We make our way. Don't we?

Until next time,