Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Wise Old Sage and Amazing Carpentry Skills

As I mentioned in an earlier post hubby, aka the Wise Old Sage, decided to try to build collegeman a Murphy bed so we could turn the main office into collegeman's room. Now he did order the main mechanism on line and it did come with blueprints on how to build the bed. Hubby cut all the wood, and assembled the bed all by himself. He basically  built everything from soup to nuts just like they do on Extreme Home Makeover, which by the way use the same mechanism and blueprints in their show. He worked on the bed over several weekends and in the evenings when he came home from work.

You see, the boys have decided that they need their own space. You really can't blame them. Being that they are youngmen they would like to have their privacy, especially from each other, never mind us. In deciding where to put collegeman and how to configure the room, hubby decided that it would be better if he made the bed himself rather than order something from a furniture store. I personally think hubby just likes to create things. It gives him a huge sense of satisfaction. It's probably why hubby also loves to build our stone walls and fences in the backyard and do all the gardening too.

Well these are pictures of the finished product. Collegeman has been sleeping in his own room for two days now and we have our livingroom/den back (it's been almost a year). Now all that's left is to organize things a lot better but I think this has been an amazing success.

Good lord how I love a multi-talented man, don't you.

Until next time,