Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Typical College Student Perspectives

Remember when you hoped and prayed for the days that your children would do typical things? OK, it is really cool when it happens. I have to admit that the older they get, they do exhibit more typical issues. Now they have their aspergean issues that is certain, but there are so many things that they do today that would be seen as normal teenage behavior that I do look, listen and shake my head at times. The latest typical issue is the expression of that college ideology which states that at 20 years-old they have all the answers and that we, the older generation are a bunch of morons. The other day collegeman sent me this YouTube video (below). He let me know in the email that this is how he feels right now with everything going on in the world (everything is the fault of the greedy western democracies). He is such a 20 year old college student...luckily he promised me that he has not gone lefty-liberal on us, he is still an independent, but that he just thinks that there are things us older folks screwed up....oh boy...oh boy. Meanwhile hubby has started to refer to him as Mr. Liberal.

That view of money will last of course, until he has his own bills to pay, and gets that paycheck with taxes and FICA removed. That shock at "money reality" is also something everyone experiences. That typical awakening is something I am truly looking forward to. Can't wait, want to see his face...

Until next time,