Saturday, February 19, 2011

Glee Does Bieber; Oz Shows His Ignorance

This week Glee channeled Justin Bieber. Yes, I know teeny-bopper and tween idol. Hey its  a great song and yes, the boys (J.B. and the Glee crowd) are all so cute. But don't tell HSB I said so, he will have a meltdown. He loathes Bieber. Hubby and I are convinced that he is so pea-green jealous of the fame, fortune and of course the girls...lots and lots of girls (Yes, HSB is girl-crazy)...I mean what 17 year old boy wouldn't want hundreds of pretty girls throwing themselves at you...Someone has to tell me again how autistics don't channel their inner emotions.

Oh wait, unfortunately that stupidity did just happen again. Dr. Oz had a show about autism and of course they spent the entire time talking about vaccines, environment and diet. (No I am not going to link to it.) It's a huge waste of time and totally lacks any value. Nothing useful or uplifting or hopeful in that entire program. It was a terribly frightening program for the uninvolved and uneducated. The show completely reinforced a horrible amount of stereotyping. Of course, Dr. Oz started off by telling everyone how autistics lack a basic emotional underpinning. So I left a comment on his show's website stating that he needs to do a followup show outlining, therapies, medicines and supports that help and benefit those with autism. I also wrote about collegeman who wants to go to law school so he can save the world and fight injustice-not bad for someone without any emotional underpinnings.  Oh and needless to say, the Dr. Oz Show did not print my comment. Someone needs to tell Dr. Oz in no uncertain terms, he really shouldn't talk about things he knows nothing about.

Meanwhile Justin Bieber (following in the footsteps of the world's great superstars and world renown musicians like Elton John, Rihanna, and Macy Gray) is about to perform in Tel Aviv to a  throng of screaming Israeli girls. Without a doubt one of my favorite stories about the young superstar is that in his prayer circle before each show he says the holiest Jewish prayer the Shema, the Jewish affirmation of faith. He wanted his manger, who is Jewish, to feel comfortable in the circle. My 17 year old may have some unresolved jealousy issues, but this mom thinks Bieber is a mensch.

Until next time,