Friday, January 21, 2011

Handbags, Handbags, Oh How I Love Handbags

I have decided that there is too much overwhelming crap going on in life right now, whether politics, autism, school, finances, employment, non-civil discourse, and just down right having to deal with a bunch of assholes in my daily life, on social media and in real life. So for the moment I am going to take a break from this all-serious and so-called intellectually important journey and discuss something totally materialistic, bombastic, over the top and down right fun and quite frankly truly important. I am going to write a post about handbags. Why handbags? Because, they make me happy.

You got it handbags, purses, bookbags, shopping bags, backpacks, suitcases, travel trunks, briefcases, lunchboxes, sacks, cell phone holders, iPad covers, computer bags, babybags and even paper versus plastic, versus going green at the supermarket. Ok, not really all of those mentioned. But I am definitely going to talk about how I love love love handbags. They are my obsession. Some women love shoes. Some women love clothes. I really don’t care too much about either. I buy shoes because I have to. Don't get me wrong, I like shoes. I know about the latest designs of shoes and the best designers, but they don't give me that little endorphin rush. I buy clothes because I have to. Don't get me wrong, I like clothes. I know about the latest designs and the best designers. But clothes don't give me that little endorphin rush. But handbags, oh my, oh my, oh my, are my drug of choice.
Louis Vuitton

Honestly, while there are people who would love to be in the middle of a pile of money or a ton of puppies, for me you just have to put me in a pile of handbags and I am in heaven. OK if you put me in a pile of money I wouldn’t give it back and yes I would end up taking all the puppies home, but you get the general idea.

When I am not reading autism blogs or scientific papers I am surfing handbag websites. When I am not reading political blogs or newspapers or journals, I am surfing handbag websites. I buy fashion magazines when there is an article about the latest handbag trend and I even have coffee table books of pictures of….you guessed it, handbags. I even love the little charm bracelets that have handbag charms and just adore the Swarovski broach that is different kinds of handbags. I was watching Cake Boss the other day and he was making a fashionista handbag cake…I did not turn the channel.

Chanel Handbag
You bet I also have my wish list of which ones I would buy if I could (OK we all have those kinds of lists). I, of course, do not wish for the cheap handbag. Heck it’s a fantasy wish list, so if I wish, I will wish big. Heck, why wish for a $25 handbag when you could wish for a $10,000 Hermes birkin bag (you bet I know all the kinds, types, designers, makes and models). I know, I know, it is totally insane to pay that much for a handbag but to tell you the truth if you could afford that bag, what else could you really afford for your child? I mean after the genie appears and you have those three wishes; once you have wished health on your child, taken care of your parents, what else would you wish for? That’s the level of total and absolute abandon I am going for in my handbag wish list.

Hermes Birkin Bag
So in keeping with my handbag wish list tradition I have actually found, or rather refound this terrific handbag site called The Purse Blog. It is a handbagaholic’s best friend. There are blogs about purses. There are blogs about designers. There are discussions about runway events. There are even giveaways to try for…you never know. (Like the lottery, you have to be in it to win it.) There are pictures galore of those fashionista friendly handbags and above all, heads up about sales at designer websites.You can also follow them on twitter and facebook. Which I did.

So if I am not on my social media, reading autism stories, science posts or political blogs discussing horrors and potential doomsdays of some kind or other, I am immersed in the world of my handbags. I like my world of handbags. I like the direction of the unimportant. I like the total decadence. I like the self-centered egotistical nature of thinking you are worth something so extravagant. It’s the only time I actually feel like my world is normal, in a rather materialistic me-me-me sort of way.

By the way, you guessed it; my favorite movie is the Devil Wears Prada. Lord, just can’t help myself.

Ok my favorite scene:

Yes, I did work in the magazine industry in New York when I first came to the City. I was one of those one million girls that would have killed for that job, but never even got my foot in the door....

Until next time,