Thursday, October 21, 2010

Political Bullying, We Wonder Why Children are so Mean

This is a blog from Liberty's Spirit. I wonder whether we realize just how much our children do emulate society as a whole.

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I know I was not going to discuss politics until after the election, but something has been bothering me. Not about politics per se but in the actions of the adults involved. The unbelievable nastiness and the belittling of others by adults in our political system is rampant. Instead of using intelligence and logic to try to get your point across adults resort to such virulent amounts of name calling and nasty hyperbole that it is a wonder that there is any kindness left in the political arena at all. Truthfully I am not sure that there actually is any kindness or forethought left.

There is today no holds barred bullying of each side of the aisle with no respect and no thought given to the effect upon society. (Now this doesn’t include those who use real facts-not made up or imported facts.) The overwhelming implication that one side or the other is the anti-Christ is so inundated into this political season that it is quite frankly for lack of a better word, disgusting.  This nastiness is not from the lower echelons of society. But we see it everyday as part of a strategy by politicians, pundits and by news reporters. Society has deemed that these persons are those who lead at this time but instead they seem to cast the worst of us instead of the best of us. Is it not a wonder that childhood bullying is at epidemic proportions when adults are such malevolent examples of behavior? Read the rest here.